Electric Wine Bottle Opener Set Automatic Cork Tool Pourer Pump Sealer Cutter



Open, serve and preserve effortlessly open wine bottles and remove corks smoothly with this innovative and automatic LED blue light Electric Wine Opener Set, complete with foil cutter, wine pourer, and manual vacuum pump sealer,

This cordless and battery operated handy device makes for a great gift for any  wine connoisseur, ensuring that wine corks can be removed from the bottle seamlessly, poured perfectly into the glass, and sealed with the vacuum pump for freshness.

Directions for Use:

  1. Simply use the foil cutter to remove the foil seal.
  2. Holding the bottle firmly with one hand,  place the wine opener inline on top of the wine body with the other hand. Make sure your alignment here is as precise as you can be.
  3. Press the extract button and hold, slightly pressing the opener body downward and the same time. The spiral will turn in a clockwise direction and enter the cork.
  4. Gradually remove the cork from the bottle in 6-8 seconds.
  5. When the cork is entirely out, the wine opener stops automatically.
  6. Press the upper release button and hold for 5-7 seconds , where the cork will automatically come out from the opener, release the button, and complete the process.


  • Easily removes the cork within seconds
  • Smooth handling
  • Fits most standard wine bottle sizes
  • Complete wine set
  • Aesthetic blue LED light
  • Light and ergonomic design
  • Foil cutter for easily removing seal
  • Vacuum stopper for preserving wine
  • Wine pourer for precise pouring
  • Transparent corkscrew cover to view corkscrew
  • Food-grade screw, safe and durable
  • Easy operating buttons to push and pull the cork
  • Aluminium alloy housing and ABS transparent screw cover


  • Model: Electric Wine Opener
  • Colour: Silver and black
  • Size (cm): 22.3(H) x 4.8 (W)
  • Weight: 250g
  • Material: Stainless Steel, ABS
  • Batteries: 4x AA Batteries
  • Electric Opener: Suitable for corks with a diameter between 20-24 mm and cork height 44mm.
    • Suitable for wine bottles with a bottleneck outer diameter of not more than 35mm and a bottle neck inner diameter between 17.5mm and 23mm.
  • Wine Pourer: Suitable for wine bottles with a bottleneck of diameter between 17 – 18mm.
  • Vacuum Pump Sealer: Suitable for wine bottles with a bottleneck inner diameter between 17.5mm – 20mm.

Please Note:

Batteries are not included.

Package Includes:

  • Electric Wine Opener
  • Foil Cutter
  • Wine Pourer
  • Vacuum Pump Sealer
  • Instructions Manual
Weight N/A



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