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CD Propolis Toothpaste is a great addition to your oral health care routine. Our toothpaste incorporates a special water-soluble propolis extract, which assists in keeping the mouth fresh, protecting teeth from decay,  promoting healthy gums, and removing bacteria that causes bad breath. Our toothpaste has a gentle, pleasant taste, which won’t overwhelm your tastebuds like other toothpastes can.

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When used regularly, CD Propolis Toothpaste will prevent periodontal disease, while at the same time cleaning, whitening, and brightening teeth. Our toothpaste also helps with removing stains, reducing plaque or tartar build-up, maintaining healthy teeth and gums, protecting against tooth decay, reducing cavities, and fight bad breath by killing odour causing bacteria in the mouth.


Propolis kills the bacteria that reside in between and around our teeth that feed on food particles and cause bad breath. It also prevents and stops bleeding gums caused by food particles which normal brushing cannot remove. The food particles decay, causing irritation to the gums, resulting in bleeding. Propolis actually prevents these food particles from decaying, and also has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, which quickly heals the irritated gums and stops further bleeding. This is great for older people, who are susceptible to receding gums due to ageing, and usually suffer more from bleeding gums than usual.

Propolis kills harmful bacteria that cause tooth decay. Propolis has a natural built in quality that doesn’t allow the bacteria to produce antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria. It also acts selectively on “bad” or “harmful” bacteria only, but leaves the natural flora of “good bacteria” in balance. It also prevents gingivitis and most gum diseases caused by inadequate brushing, as well as prevents and heals cold sores and mouth ulcerations caused by bacteria or accidental scuffing.


Add a small amount to your toothbrush, and brush twice a day, preferably after meals, or as recommended by your dentist.

If symptoms persist, seek medical advice.

Chalmers Dale Propolis

Chalmers Dale uses propolis collected from Australia, which is certified to be free from lead and heavy metals. The fact that propolis comes from tree and plant sources collected by the bees, makes it extremely important that there’s no contamination from either pesticides, or heavy metals. These pesticides or heavy metals, once included in the propolis, are often difficult to remove and there’s no known process that can purify propolis without removing certain important components of propolis, making it less effective.

The propolis extract that Chalmers Dale uses has been purified using a unique process of cryogenic filtration. The extract is subjected to extremely low temperatures, where impurities can be crystallised and filtered out. The result is an extract that is pure in nature, possessing all the attributes of Propolis without the impurities.


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