What Pisses Me Off: The news

I’ve read so many ‘articles of interest’ this morning – some good, some bad; some uplifting and some not so

I’ve read so many ‘articles of interest’ this morning – some good, some bad; some uplifting and some not so much. One that caught my eye was a ‘quote’ about ‘turning off the news’.

I’ve always liked to be ‘aware’ of what’s going on in the world. Pre internet, I was always an avid reader of the newspaper; always tuned in to 60 Minutes; and turning on the news as one arrived home from work was automatic. Not any more. I’m so tired of the constant bombardment of misery that presents itself each evening but what irritates me more than anything is the standard of ‘journalism’ that reports on all this bloody misery.

I’m sure there are still some honest and true ‘journalists’ out there – those who report accurately and without the need to ‘sensationalise’ their own or their networks profile. By gee, they are hard to find aren’t they? Some time ago I started watching ‘The Project’ – still got the gist of what was going on in the world but tempered with humour and interesting presenters. Now even that programme is starting to wear thin – how many times do I have to be reminded to vote for this programme and it’s presenters for the 2016 Logies!

I ask myself ‘Have I just turned into a grumpy old cow who is totally ‘over’ what’s going on in the world?’ Or, am I a mature, intelligent woman who just wants to hear the ‘news’ – as it is! Truth is, I’m probably both!

What do you think? Have you turned off the news?

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  1. Know Sue I feel the same, the news is all misery and heartbreak, it makes me so depressed, I just don’t. Watch it anymore.

  2. I still watch the news but like you am getting a bit tired of the misery that’s going on in the world

  3. I don’t watch the news. The reports in local papers are full of spelling errors and bad grammar , disgraceful.

  4. I join you there! So tired of sensationalism! Most of the newspapers these days have imported articles,and a don’t get edited! I also limit my news intake these days,to online and SBS who at least give a wider perspective of what’s going on in the world!

  5. As i always say there is no good news-its all bad and depressing and the way its reported makes it seem more terrifying then it actually is-turn it off- ignorance is bliss.

  6. You watched 60 Minutes? That was sensational rubbish made for the masses

  7. Sue, you’ve got sixty years plus of knowledge, you’ve learned to think. for yourself and you no longer have a need to ‘fit’ into the World we are sold by media. You sound like you’ve joined the sane.

    • Gregory, there are some that might disagree – especially the ‘sane’ bit. Haha! But you are right – I learned to think for myself long before I turned 60 and I don’t think I ever really ‘fitted’ into any particular mould. My problem has been that I have always been able to ‘see’ both sides of the equation and once upon a time, good journalism would reflect that. Sadly, no longer – newspapers have ‘political leanings’; TV channels have ‘political leanings’ and journalists rarely report a story from an ‘unbiased’ viewpoint.

  8. Ha ha yes I paid to subscribe to the CM so I could comment. Funny thing I can only comment on certain things the rest are censored.

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