‘Yo-Yo’ dieting could be doing you serious harm
By Starts at 60 WritersIn DietOn Wednesday 16th Nov, 2016

‘Yo-Yo’ dieting could be doing you serious harm

It’s a cycle that almost everyone has been on. You want to lose a few kilos, so you start a diet, you lose the weight, stop the diet and, the weight comes back. If you are one of the lucky ones that don’t have to deal with this then feel lucky, but for many, it’s just part of life.

A new study into the effects of “Start-Stop” or “yo-yo” dieting has shown some disturbing effects that it can have on the heart. The latest studies from American Heart Association show that there is an increased risk of heart disease among post-menopausal women. The author of the study, Dr Somwail Rasla from the Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island told, “Weight cycling is an emerging global health concern associated with attempts of weight loss, but there have been inconsistent results about the health hazards for those who experience weight cycling behaviour”.

The study followed a group of women over an extended period as they did a lot of cycling dieting the results showed that women that go through this are more than 3.5 times likely to develop a heart issue.

The evidence also shows that women who might be overweight in their midlife and start the dieting cycle later are more at risk of coronary heart disease and sudden cardiac death.

With all major diet or lifestyle chances, you should always consult your doctor and have all the proper health checks to make sure that these areas are checked for strain.

Have you been a victim of “yo-yo- dieting? Have you finally been able to beat the diet and get healthy? What advice would you give to others that are struggling with their weight? Leave your comments down below.

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