What you really need to know about how your body loses weight: Real facts without the confusing science

Every day you’re bombarded with research and reports about how to best lose weight. You Google it thinking that one or two new items will appear. Staggering back from the screen in shock, you notice that today alone- there are 100 new articles on weight loss. You are feeling overwhelmed, desperate and confused. All you want is to trim that tummy, not get a PhD just to read the latest goings on.

Weight loss is not easy (if it were, you wouldn’t be reading this). Fortunately, there are 7 simple steps to losing weight that are easy to implement and replicable. So relax, sit back and take a deep breath.

The next few minutes will enlighten you and you’ll wonder why nobody else has ever shared this information with you.

Step one: Schedule your day.

Make time for your weight loss. If you can’t make time for it: it;s not that important to you. Everyday should be your day, commit at least an hour a day to yourself. This will help you to stick to your weight loss plans and will help you defeat a negative mindset around your weight loss. Avoid getting ‘too busy’ to implement your plan.

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Step two: Drink, drink, drink.

Hydration is key to losing weight. You should be drinking a litre of clean (not tap) water for every 22 kilograms of bodyweight you carry. Your body is 80% water and throughout the day, you perspire, exhale, and utilise a large percentage of the water in your cells. Stick to the 1:22 ratio and you will remain hydrated, healthy and able to flush toxins out of your body. Toxins build up no matter what you do, they are a result of most processes the body undergoes each day. Flush them out adequately to avoid disease.

Step three: Read what you want and believe a quarter of it.

In one day, you will see a study released that says ‘A’ and the very same day, another will say ‘B’. This is confusing, stressful and off-putting. What you need to know is that most studies are paid for. Companies buy research results just as they would buy advertising. In fact, research studies are often tainted and released in place of advertising. Let’s face it, if you read a ‘research paper’ you would believe it more than an ‘ad’. Not all studies are without merit though. A double blind study that has been independently facilitated is more likely to hold merit than most.

Step four: Eat to live, not to entertain yourself.

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These days you are bombarded with terminology. Gluten free, dairy free, vegan, vegetarian, lactose free, amine free, wheat free, sugar free, intolerance, fructose malabsorption, coeliac, etc. They are all commonly bandied about and often. Food is food. Yes, intolerances exist but if you stick to natural foods such as fruit and vegetables- you will lose weight. Adding meats that are free of antibiotics and preservatives will be better for you than eating mass produced meats. Do not eat to break the boredom, do not eat to ‘fit in’ with everyone else around you. Do not eat if you are thirsty, you are actually dehydrated in that case not hungry. Do not eat out of emotion. Look to eating to provide adequate fuel for your body and for no other reason- by doing this you will lose weight.

Step five: Exercise without fear, regret, pain or torment.

Any exercise is better than none. Don’t beat yourself up about the time, intensity or nature of the exercise. If you move you are better off than if you were stationary. When you exercise, be confident not timid. Follow a well written program or get advice from a reputable trainer. Walk with your heels down instead of with flat feet or toe walking (this will activate your gluteal muscles which are some of the largest muscles in your body). Utilise other large muscles and activate them instead of using small, isolated muscles. Get the most out of every movement. If it hurts, don’t do it. Exercise should be enjoyable or at the very least- pain free. If you don’t enjoy it, find an exercise you do enjoy.

Step six: Give up stress, time to break up with this old mate.

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The more you stress, the more your body releases a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol is a key factor in weight gain and illness. Stress less to lose more!

Step seven: avoid the ‘nay-sayers’.

If those around you try to discourage you- stop being around them. This is all about you not them! They may join you(that’s fine) but if they hinder you, steer clear. You are responsible for yourself and nobody else. If you are a parent, you can set a good example but you can’t make kids join you. Trying to force others to fit in with your plans will harbour resentment on both sides.

Forget the science degree. To lose weight and keep it off, just stick to the seven simple steps. Relax and enjoy the journey.