The natural killer about to get deadlier

If you thought the start of summer brought with it some pretty warm days, you might want to brace yourself — there is more to come!

According to scientists Australia is set to experience more regular and more intense heatwaves, which means that unless you want to lose your life you might want to better prepare yourself.

When it comes to extreme weather events most people think cyclones or bushfires are most dangerous, but according to Dr Thomas Loridan heatwaves remain the biggest killer.

“It’s not only the biggest killer, but actually kills more people than all the other events put together,” Dr Loridan told

He highlighted the 432 people that lost their lives during the 2009 heatwave that hit Victoria and South Australia, saying it was two times greater than the number of people killed in the Black Saturday bushfires that followed.

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Australians are set to witness their hottest night in 44 years as a hot air mass — more commonly known as a heatwave — moves across the country’s south-east.

Fire bans have be declared in various regions across the country, including the north and west of Victoria, Illawarra, and the Riverina regions where it is expected the mercury will rise above 39C.

There have been reports of people suffering from the warm conditions, and if history is anything to go by heatwaves in Australia can be pretty deadly.

How you can prepare for a heatwave

First thing’s first — treat the threat of a heatwave seriously.

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It’s advisable that you stay out of the sun wherever possible. You might like to use wet towels to keep cool. Be sure to drink plenty of water to stay cool and hydrated.

If you have any pets, be sure to consider them in your plans to stay cool. Definitely do not leave them in hot cars, regardless of how long you think you might be.

Are you feeling the heat of summer? Have you ever suffered heat stroke or a heat-related illness? Tell us about it.