How to lose weight by overcoming emotional, social and physical obstacles

There are many factors that contribute to weight gain. Often, you may not identify them until you want to lose the weight. These factors are precursors to obstacles you may need to confront and overcome to lose the weight.

Many obstacles can be classified into three main categories: emotional, social and physical. Each type of obstacle needs to be addressed differently as it will have its own cofactors and variables. The identification, mastering and defeating of such obstacles is not a simple challenge but an intricate one fraught with twists and turns. Keeping a hold of your personal values and beliefs will steer you through the highs and lows of the challenge.

Emotional factors can often result in emotional eating. The healthiest and safest tool for weight loss is to only eat when you are feeling well, happy and balanced.

Eating when you are upset, reacting to something that has happened or as a result of being nervous will result in poor food choices and poor digestion. Your body’s cells will not uptake the nutrients that the food of your choice holds. Overeating is common when you are upset as your brain receives messages of distress from your body’s cells. These messages are misleading. They represent pain but are mimicking true messages of pain. The food choices you will seek will usually be of an addictive nature (such as sugar, processed carbohydrates and alcohol). The impact these addictive foods will have is to confuse receptors in your brain and body and send more pain messages,. This will develop into a cycle of addiction to foods that further harm you. As mentioned, these foods are addictive and will result in you having withdrawal symptoms when you stop eating them. Over-eating is also common as the receptors demand more and more comforting foods, again putting you on the slippery slope of addiction to nutrient sparse addictive foods.

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Social factors can result in alienation, depression and poor body image. Alienation from others is rife unfortunately, these are the people who are usually envious of your choices. They wish they had the fortitude to lose weight and begin putting themselves first. If that does not take its toll, you may feel like withdrawing yourself from others or from social situations. In weight loss, it is self belief and self love that will see you through. No matter where you are in your journey, it is imperative that you remain active in your workplace, community and family. Let people see the effort you are making in your health. Allow them to join you as support crew or encouragers. Often people will be impressed with your ideals and want to support you. Sometimes, they just don’t know how to. One major pitfall you need to be aware of is body image. This can be a leading contributor in your aspirations.

Often, people compare themselves to models or even to people who have never battled with their weight. You are an individual, you have a unique road ahead of you, you are different to those you compare yourself to. Knowing what you want and why, (for example: you might say ‘I want to lose 20 kilograms so that I can wear clothes off the rack’) will help you keep a realistic and healthy body image.

Physical factors are easer to deal with. Whether you have been ill or injured, you CAN lose weight. There is no disease, injury or other physical limitation that can keep you from your goals.

When overcoming obstacles, you are able to address them and conquer them. There is no emotional, social or physical obstacle so great that can keep you from optimum health and permanent weight loss.

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