Queen Elizabeth gets back to work in stunning winter outfit

The Queen has stepped out in Ireland for a very special occasion to unveil a stunning portrait of herself commissioned

The Queen has stepped out in Ireland for a very special occasion to unveil a stunning portrait of herself commissioned to mark the work of a charity promoting reconciliation in Northern Ireland.

The portrait was painted by internationally acclaimed artist Colin Davidson who said his time spent with Queen Elizabeth was something he’d never forget.

“She commented on the scale and most sitters comment on the scale, she had no idea I was going to make her so big. I told her that’s the size I usually paint and I couldn’t possibly paint her any smaller.

“I feel relief and a great deal of privilege I have to say as well. I realise the gravity of the event, I realise the symbolism of the event as well from an Anglo-Irish point of view, more than anything else. And what I hope is my painting in some way acknowledges the actions she has taken to advance healing in the Anglo-Irish relationship.”

The Queen wore a beautiful pink skirt and matching jacket for the day in a lovely thick wool to keep her warm in the cool Irish climate.

She paired the outfit with one of her favourite black purses and patent leather shoes.

Her visit was particularly important given the historical tensions between England and Northern Ireland. She has been working hard over the past few years to repair the relationship, making a number of important stop-overs to building her friendship with leaders and politicians.

Are you a fan of Queen Elizabeth? What do you think of her snappy style?

  1. Pamela  

    God save our Gracious Queen – long may she reign.

  2. Diane [email protected]  

    I am sure the families of those members of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces who were murdered in Ireland will find this report particularly heartwarming. A betrayal too far even for the House of Windsor.

  3. Janice Campbell Scott  

    Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in my view is the number one Monarch of all time. She embodies all that a great Queen and Monarch should be, with her high level intelligence, grace and first class understanding of politics, religion, economics and most importantly of all, her peoples.

    Most people are unaware of her daily activities which include the Royal red box which Her Majesty deals with every single day of her life, her office work is constant and she takes great pride in keeping this important duty up to date and precise. Pretty remarkable considering she is 90 years old.

    To me the constant steadfastness and true loyalty of her role that she has shown throughout her reign cannot be equalled by anyone else. Add to this the fact that Queen Elizabeth II has never ever had not one piece of scandal or libel or any other derogatory impetus against her name in all these years, tells you the substance and remarkable character of the lady. I cannot praise her highly enough. God Save her and thank him for giving her to us. Janice Scott, East Lothian.

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