‘Why it’s essential for women of our generation to support each other’

Mar 29, 2019
"Sometimes people can criticise women just for being female, and for doing stuff a woman’s got to do." Source: Pexels

Have you ever heard your dog barking at nothing? Yes, we talk to our pet and say: “What are you barking at?” Good question, good question. As if the dog is going to answer in English.

None of us are kids anymore, we’ve all wandered along life’s long track. Sometimes other people, even families, yammer on and get on your back. You wonder: “What are you barking at?” Just like you would say to your dog. A lot of the time it is much to do about nothing important.

Who cares what other people think and say about women our age? “You ride my broom,” this old witch does think. It is like saying: “You walk a mile in my shoes.” Sometimes people can criticise women just for being female, and for doing stuff a woman’s got to do. If we don’t, do males get off their lazy butts and do the tasks? Not often, only if you are really fortunate in your choices. It is just the luck of the draw. What is that old grump barking at now?

Yes, women of our age are capable of mastering many skills, old and new, in our own way. You have to factor in your health and levels of physical fitness. As senior women, we should enable the conditioning of younger women and girls to have faith in their own abilities. It is, however, a very hard habit to break, giving other women labels. We can slander them with verbal gossip, or in our thoughts. Maybe you and I should all ride each other’s brooms.

With all the recent bad news about attacks on women in Australian society, we all need to support each other, and maintain healthy and safe boundaries. You can plan your own future, but tomorrow is promised to no one.

Thus, as Baby Boomer ‘wise women’, while matching our shoes to our brooms, you and I must practise self-care, which includes health care, social networks, and our own daily wellbeing. If women become run down, or experience health issues, there is no one to look after the people for whom we are caring. This might be a significant other, children, grandchildren, or geriatrics.

Many women of the 21st century do appear to be on a ceaseless treadmill, keeping up appearances. I suppose we should all ride on their brooms, or walk a mile in their shoes. Somehow, pacing ourselves and adopting mindfulness in daily life needs to be a part of slowing down our schedules.

Maybe as senior women, you and I can outreach to anyone who is struggling, to include them in a supportive network. “Smile and be kind,” and try to ride on each other’s brooms. We can all be helping hands, by listening to others’ concerns.

What can you and I do to encourage other women? Basically, the education of women in any society is one possible solution to established, traditional beliefs that can be acquired in the nuclear family upbringing of both boys and girls. Here is one piece of peace, a mantra: “Whatever happens, do not stress. Do not be a drama queen.” That is one of the best life hacks I have ever seen. This can apply to anyone.

Well what is he barking at now? Nothing important. Why don’t you ride on my broom?

Do you think Baby Boomer women do a good job of supporting each other? How do you raise up the women around you?

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