‘A prayer for Baby Boomers facing the world today’

Aug 24, 2019
Let's bow our heads for The Baby Boomer Prayer. Source: Getty Images

A Sunday morning, bright and sunny. The geriatric and I at breakfast, comparing our statins. He picked up the Sunday paper, commenting, “Gee, houses are so cheap in the bush!” He was talking about a country town, where he passed his teenage years.

We discussed why land and housing are so relatively inexpensive in the rural towns. No employment for school leavers, the fading farm economy, the failing rural businesses, the scarcity of banks, the high cost of petrol affecting the potential for tourism. This was a blessed Sunday morning, so I said my prayers, for all of the oldies in this Australian society, for all the people over 60.

Let us begin. Blessed be the Baby Boomers, who do believe in yesterday, as the old song by the Beatles laments. We left our schooling, at whatever age, in a time of nearly full employment, at time of a booming manufacturing industry, a time when we could obtain a salary. Blessed be the Baby Boomers who had no credit cards. If we wanted anything material, we had to work and save up for it.

Blessed be the Baby Boomers who survived our childhood, growing up in the Great Australian Dream of weatherboards, and big back yards. Blessed be the Baby Boomers, we tried not to be clones of our parents, like most generations. It is and was not the end of civilisation, as Baby Boomers aim to be un-retired. According to our health and levels of income, we are reinventing the senior years in our individual ways, doing things we enjoy.

Blessed be the Baby Boomers, we have the leisure to travel and see how other people live. We can continue our working life in paid or voluntary roles. Blessed be the Baby Boomers who join in community and social groups, to learn new hobbies, or develop existing skills or activities. Blessed be the Baby Boomers, we try to ban the boring. That is why we invented the digital technology we so valiantly attempt to master.

Blessed be the Baby Boomers, we all aspire for long life and good health. Let us pray for blessings for the Baby Boomers, as we reach our geriatric years. We are going to place enormous stressors on the health care system. How much is enough in the federal health budget? Wouldn’t have a clue! The Baby Boomers will be looked after by the younger generations. There is no fountain of youth, they shall grow old too. Let’s hope they don’t laugh too much as we leak everywhere.

Blessed be the Baby Boomers, who are adaptable, result oriented, believe in love of all shapes and sizes, and wish to live in peace. We love slow news days, with no drama mama scenes.

Blessed be the Baby Boomers who love nostalgia trips, our rose-coloured glasses still bless us with happy memories. Blessed be the Baby Boomers who do believe in yesterday. Long life and good health to everyone, have a happy day!

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