‘Get your skin checked’: Leigh Sales sends serious health warning to fans

Leigh Sales has urged fans to get their skin checked after a skin cancer scare. Source: Instagram/Leigh Sales - Twitter/The Project

She’s one of Australia’s most renowned journalists and interviewers, but Leigh Sales has been secretly battling her own health concerns off camera.

The 45-year-old has now sent a powerful warning to her fans, after revealing that she’s had a terrifying skin cancer scare.

The TV star — clearly shaken by the ordeal — urged her Instagram followers to take care of themselves in the Australian sun and book regular skin checks.

“Public service announcement – slip slop slap. I would say I am very diligent when it comes to sun protection and yet I still have this to show. Get your skin checked regularly, especially if you’re a freckly carrot-top like me,” she wrote, while sharing a photo of her taped up scar.

Fans shared their support for the TV star, with one writing: “Ouch. Timely reminder. Hope it isn’t too sore.”

Another added: “Sad to hear this… hopefully caught early? Best wishes for recovery.”

And a third wrote: “Hope you heal up soon!”

Meanwhile, it comes after Today co-host Georgie Gardner previously took to social media to warn fans of the importance of checking their skin. Just last year, the 48-year-old shared a photo of herself on Instagram with a big white bandage on her back after having a skin cancer cut out. This is the third cancer scare for Georgie.

“Feeling a little flat after 2 more skin cancers removed, BUT counting my blessings they’re NOT melanomas. Can’t overstate enough to get your skin checked & slap on the sunscreen!! #besunsmartpeople,” she wrote on the post.

Meanwhile in 2015 she shocked fans when she revealed she’d had another cancer removed from her face, after posting a photo with bandages around her mouth.

Her message followed similar ones from actor Hugh Jackman, 50, who has heavily campaigned for more awareness of the dangers of the sun, having battled skin cancer scares himself in the past. The actor was first diagnosed in 2013, and it was previously reported he had had cancers removed from his nose and shoulder.

“I’m a good example of making sure you get checkups and listening to your wife,” he said in the article.

Have you ever had a skin cancer scare?

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