An oldie but a goodie! Australia’s favourite cake revealed

A new study has revealed which cake Australians like best. Source: Getty

From a traditional sponge, to a zesty lemon drizzle or a mouth-watering slice of chocolate cake, all the best treats have been put under the radar as part of a global study – with Australia producing an unsuspecting favourite cake.

Although not exactly considered a cake as such, the treat was deemed the best of the bunch for those from the land down under, with New Zealand residents also sharing the same view.

To come to their conclusion, the company searched through Google’s Keyword Planner to see which of 249 popular cakes were searched the most in each country. The cake with the highest search volume was then deemed the country’s favourite.

While banana bread was the most loved for Australians, overall across the world chocolate cake was dubbed number one, followed by red velvet cake and carrot cake.

Also in the top 10 were the old-fashioned pineapple upside down cake, with those in Russia preferring the sweet treat, as well as black forest cake and of course the classic sponge cake.

China’s favourite was the traditional mooncake which is eaten throughout the country during their mid-autumn festival. On the other hand, parts of Africa favoured the angel cake and much of Europe liked red velvet cake the best.

Meanwhile, Britain ditched what would usually be considered their top choice of sponge for the sweet lemon drizzle.

Perhaps Meghan knew a bit about Australia’s love for banana bread before she arrived in Australia with husband Prince Harry last year for their royal tour as the now mother-of-one baked the delicious treat for residents in the NSW town of Dubbo.

The banana bread was a greatly appreciated addition to the tasty spread of treats on offer at Mountain View Farm – where the Duke and Duchess spent time with the Woodley family – which included scones with jam and cream, chocolate cake, sandwiches and fresh fruit. Meghan also contributed a jar of Fortnum & Mason’s ‘Royal Blend’ tea.

According to one royal correspondent, who was lucky enough to taste the mouth-watering treat, the banana bread was slightly different to the usual recipe and contained chocolate chips and a hint of ginger.

What is your favourite cake? Do you enjoy banana bread?

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