The day before Anthony started ...

child near blackboard

The day before Anthony started at a new school, his dad had a meeting with the teacher.

“Anthony has a gambling problem. You’ll have to keep an eye on him during class.”

“I understand,” said the teacher. “I won’t let it get out of hand.”

The next day, Anthony walked into the classroom and introduced himself to the teacher.

“Good morning! I met your dad yesterday,” the teacher said, smiling.

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“I bet you $10 you’ve got a mole on your bottom,” said Anthony. 

The teacher smiled, seeing a way to break the gambling habit. She quickly showed Anthony that there was no mole, and he paid her the $10 without question.

That night, Anthony’s dad rang the teacher. “Johnny said he lost a bet with you.”

“Yes,” said the teacher. “I’m hoping that a few losses will cure the gambling problem.”

“Well, you’re wrong about that,” said the father. “He bet me $100 this morning that he would see your backside before the day was over.”

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