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This is serious talent! Cake decoration is something that most of us don’t think about a lot… Whip up some icing, maybe add some food colouring, cut up some strawberries decoratively and pop some sprinkles over the top… But this cake decorator takes things to the next level! Equipped with a piping bag and a great cake stand, he turns a very plain cake into a masterpiece in three mind blowing minutes. Take a look at it here and tell us, how do you rate as a cake decorator? Pop some photos of your own masterpieces on the wall if you have them!


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  1. Wow! He’s is obviously well trained or he’s been doing it for ages! I did a course and it was great but his speed is incredible not to mention his amazing talent!!!

  2. thats one cake now try baking 5 cakes than decoratering those five heart shape cakes to become a five tear wedding cakes all the same and on seperate cake boards which i have done and yes it is easy wen u got thy no how hahaha says i

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