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I woke to this adorable video on my Facebook newsfeed and to be honest, I watched it with the dorkiest grin on my face! It brought back all of the memories I have of teaching my dog the little things like walking down the stairs and how ridiculously cute they are.

So watch this today and tell us, what was the most challenging thing to teach your dog?


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  1. To stop jumping all over me while I’m trying to do yoga – he’s 8 years old and I still haven’t managed to teach him to do yoga instead! 🙂

  2. Lovely! Have our granddaughter’s 21st party tonight so get to see all the family! Good weekend.

  3. Could some one stop my 7 year old male dog from wee up every stick of furniture in the house I’m cleaning all day

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    • Iv tried that Alice child . Iv tried every thing over the 7 years . But I’m inmy sixties and I’m finding it getting a bit to much for me now I’m at my wits end . Iv taken him to the vets had urine tests nothing wrong with him . I have a female so I was told he’s just marking his territory. Thank you for the advice

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