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We shared the first Fifty Shades of Grey trailer with you when it was released and even though very few of us thought the book was very well-written, it turns out that a lot of us had read it!

But now, the second Fifty Shades of Grey trailer has been released and quite frankly we can’t make up our minds… Does it make it look any better? Or does it still look like something we’ll avoid seeing in the cinemas?

Take a look at it below and tell us, will you be seeing it?


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  1. Having read ( or tried to)the book I have absolutely no ambition to see the film. Nothing but low grade pornography. Still I suppose it made someone a lot of money……

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    • I loved the books will see the movie, but must say most people couldn’t see past the sex to the real story in the book which was actually very sad. Great read.

    • I can’t agree with you. I am a voracious reader and I found it so poorly written I couldn’t be bothered with it. Very disappointing as I quite enjoy a juicy read

  2. I haven’t read it and have no intention of reading it. Roddy’s comment simply backs up my assumption of what it is. I have no interest in pornography, low grade or any other grade.

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    • The more I’m told I should read or see the film the less likely I will, Harry Potter is still unread and unwatched for the same reason.

    • Lol…stubbornness can be a bad thing of course Carol, but these things are important things, so I guess it isn’t a big deal…I’m with Pegi and Kaylene and the others who aren’t interested…I don’t feel I would be missing out on anything…

    • you missed my point Bev, Pegi has also missed out by not reading the Harry Potter books, the more she is told to do something the less inclined she is to do it, thats what i meant ……

    • Ok Carol…see what you mean…and I meant to say those things AREN’T important thiings…Lol…

  3. I agree with both Roddy and Kaylene…I read one page and that was one page too many…such rubbish.

  4. Definitely no way. The acting is terrible who in there right mind would sit and watch that tripe.

  5. Still haven’t read the books. Must see if I can borrow them off someone and see what all the hype is about.

  6. There is no way I would be interested…started to read it while in hospital, didn’t even get half way….Much prefer a good murder mystery..

  7. Have read the books and enjoyed them. The underlying story is not about the sex but about the love story between two people who come from very different backgrounds and how that love helped each of them to open up and change their views on what is important in life. If you can only see the sex and not the real story, then you have a closed mind and a narrow view of life. I will see the movie when it is released, in fact I am looking forward to it.

  8. Each to his own, i will admit yes i have read the books, there was actually a bit of a story there, maybe i’ll even see the movie, i dont know a lot about pornography, low grade or high grade, so once again its down to your own opinion and open mind.

  9. Only read the first book. Could only imagine this film would be classed as porno…how else could they make it. Won’t bother with it and I am not a prude but found the book boring.

  10. OK i have read the books, i enjoyed the books, i will see the film, but i’m not into porngraphy, there is actually a story in the books, but people with narrow minds will never see it, so each to his/her own ……….

  11. I read the books but
    doubt if I’ll be standing in line at the cinema to watch this story of sex, lust and love being played out on the big screen. Not because I don’t want to, it’s mainly because my kids would never forgive me if I did.

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    • I actually enjoyed the story! My daughter enjoyed the books too! I guess we’ll be seeing the movie and having a bit of a giggle over it.. What makes me laugh are all the sober-sides on here – I feel they have intimidated the people like us who are human and enjoy a bit of lust and lechery! Keep on keeping on Christian Grey! LOL LOL. One has to take it all with a pinch of salt and RELAX!

    • Good on you Janet. Unfortunately my family seem to think anyone over the age of 50 no longer has the need for romance or sex of any kind.

    • I’m glad to say my kids don’t judge me for anything I do, I’m the parent & adult & can make my own decisions about what I see & do, my kids know I read the books & never thought any worse of me & won’t when I see the movie, infact I think they are glad I’ve still got a bit of get up & go in me

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