Steve Clisby released a new song today… And we love it! 39



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Steve Clisby, our favourite 67 year old musician has released a new song today! You all love him and we know how much you enjoy his music so tonight we’re bringing his new hit to you!

Sit back and enjoy listening to his powerful voice in his new song, “Leave me dreaming”!

You can purchase his new album for  for $16.99 (digital copy) or $19.99 (hard copy) via his website 


Stella Burnell

Stella Burnell is 63, and is a retired registered nurse. She lives in Queensland and is keeping very busy with volunteering and working for the local history group. She has been married for five years to Roy, who looked her up on the Internet 10 years ago, after being apart for 34 years. ....but that's another story !

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