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Whether you aren’t a fan of cats or if you absolutely adore them, you won’t be able to help but smile and be amazed at this video. These two cats seem to be having quite the conversation and according to the Youtube account they “spoke” like this for just over one hour!

Check it out below and tell us, what is the most bizarre thing you’ve caught your pets doing? 



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  1. Well I can understand them! Lol! They are asking each other ” are you Ok!” Then they answer “I’m OK!This is just gorgeous, and my old boy, greets me with “hello maam” and although our two don’t “talk” like these two, they both swop dinner at the same moment, crossing over to the others plate, completely in sync! All done in ESP. They have even tuned me in, to come and open the glass door when the curtains closed, without having to make a sound.

  2. Just Divine, Adorable, and the Cutest animals – I just love Cat’s they are so beautiful in all ways. I just love looking at my cat she brings me so much pleasure with her beauty.!

  3. My cat started miaowing when he heard this. Must’ve thought they were talking about him lol

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