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Finnish dog competition Koira Mestari is designed to showcase dogs with exceptional focus, obedience, and speed.  One competitor failed miserably at all three, but won everybody’s hearts.

The aim of this challenge is for the dog to run down the path and ignore the distractions – food, treats and toys, in minimal time.

The first two dogs get off and racing in great time, but what this adorable Golden Retriever does will make you laugh and is likely to remind you of your own furry friends over the years.

So take a look, enjoy a Sunday night laugh and share the happiness with your friends and family…


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  1. It’s a golden retriever, what do you expect. Our Amber followed Grandad around eating all the Easter eggs, which were going out for the hunt by the grandchildren. Shiny foil & all.

  2. That’s my retriever. My previous retriever ate the Christmas chocolates, paper and all, that were hanging within her reach on the tree.

  3. Best in show! I love this dog so much. I hope he got big cuddles at the end. I have always had well trained well behaved dogs, but there is a special place in my heart for my last boy who knew how to behave, but sometimes chose not to!

  4. Tahne Ip hmmm could this be Mango….so funny and cute ..doesn’t want miss one obstacle.

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