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In the true spirit of Starts at 60 today, we celebrate a 92 year old Grandmother Edith Traina, who has just broken the powerlifting record for a woman aged 90-94.  Edith started powerlifting at just 91 years of age, when her friend dragged her to the gym according to FOX TV in Tampa Bay Florida where she calls home.

“She dragged me kicking and screaming to the gym, and I figured I’d keep her happy for a while and get her off my back, but I got hooked,” said Edith to the presenter.

Edith lifted 135lbs achieving the Masters record for the agegroup and according to recent interviews hopes to be able to lift 200lbs when she’s 100.

And it is not the title that excites her the most, it is the celebration.  “With this, I just walk up, lift it, put it down. I get all these applause, great for the ego,” she said.

Even more amazing, she found out about a year ago that she has COPD.

So take a look at the video today and tell us what you do for the happiness like this?

What do you think?

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  1. Sleep for 7 hours straight!

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    • I think what you eat before sleeping has a lot to do with it. I see hubby has steak and sausages thawing for tea – he’ll expect potato beans cauli etc with it. Damn. It won’t be a long sleep tonight.

    • We are very light eaters. Vic has breakfast, no lunch and might have a toasted sandwich or just an ice cream in the evening. If I do a roast, or a bigger type meal we eat at 6pm and they are small serves. Hugh has no appetite presently due to chemo, so I’m always struggling to find something we all eat. What happens to me is Vic can’t settle early and watches TV until late. I read and fall asleep. Then I wake and Vic needs his last tablets, a cup of tea and sometimes a slice of toast. By this time, I’m wide awake. Then I start reading again. It could be 2-4am before I’m turning the light off and my inner clock wakes me at 6am. The only variation is the time I fall asleep early in the evening and the time I wake to settle Vic.

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