50 years of marriage and happiness: beautiful video

I hope we all grow old this happy!  This song and dance number has been put together for Valentines’ Day and we feel it could have been made for us to share with you, to inspire you for the years ahead today.

It was all part of an uplifting feature that has been put together for The Knot US for Valentines Day featuring more than 40 couples that have been  together for 50 years and frankly we wish we were there to soak the vibe we can feel on the video.  That folks is true love!

The couples were brought together for a Sweetheart Dance in New York, and to make the music video for Ingrid Michaelson and her song “Little Romance.”

Enjoy.  There’s nothing more perfect for a Valentine’s Day afternoon smile.

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Some of the couples shared their tips on The Knot for staying together so long:

Angela & Nick DeSantis, Port Jefferson, New York: Married April 25, 1964

Angela: “I’m not going to say we never argue—because we do—but we just don’t hold a grudge. We say what we have to say when we have a dispute about something. But that’s the secret. You’re going to find things to bicker about once in a while and you just blow it off. Say what you have to say and it’s done. We don’t hold a grudge; that’s really the main thing.”

Fran & Jack McLaughlin, Irvington, New York: Married November 20, 1965

Fran: “You have to make each other your best friend. It’s so important to have a best friend to go through life with and you work on that. And, in doing that, I find we have a lot of things in common: We like to travel, we used to like to ski, now we snowshoe—emphasize the things that bring you together, but also, Jack and I have separate interests, so we do our separate things and then come back and talk about them at night and share them.”

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Ed & Ann Biglin, Cedar Grove, New Jersey: Married June 7, 1952

“Stay close to each other; don’t let the world pull you apart.”

Joan & Aldo Argentieri, Staten Island, New York: Married June 8, 1957

Aldo: “My wife is my best friend. We grew up together in Brooklyn when we were 7 years old. When I got into my teens, I was drafted into the army in the Korean War. When I came out of the Army, we met again at a church dance and from then on, we went on and eventually got married in 1957.”


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Sandra & Al Debenedetto, Danville, New Hampshire: Married October 1, 1955

Sandra: “You just forgive each and every day, kiss each other goodnight and hold hands a lot. I’ve got a funny feeling about holding hands. It’s really important. I think holding hands is a big part of it. When we actually go to bed—we still have the regular full bed; our neighbors are young people and when they come in the house they go, ‘How do you sleep in a full bed?’ ”

Al: “I’ve got to be able to feel that she’s there.”

Sandra: “So we hold hands even when we go to sleep.”

Mary & Brian Eustace, Manasquan, New Jersey: Married October 23, 1965

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“Give them a chance to screw up. And be kind and good to each other.”

Judy & Bernie Aronowitz, Plainview, New York: Married December 5, 1965

Judy: “Set priorities, know what’s important and work at it. And have a sense of humor.”

Bernie: “And if you’re hard of hearing, with today’s technology, you can turn hearing aids on—and off!”