These cute tiny homes are set to make a big difference for the homeless

More than 100,000 people are homeless at any given time in Australia and they may be sleeping on the street, rough
These cute tiny homes are set to make a big difference for the homeless.

More than 100,000 people are homeless at any given time in Australia and they may be sleeping on the street, rough sleepers or couch surfers.

According to David Wooldridge, chief executive of Tiny Homes Foundation, they intend to help people who are transitioning out of domestic violence situations or other situations in a new pilot project on the New South Wales Central Coast.

This marks Australia’s first Tiny Homes project which is set to begin construction next to Gosford Hospital in the coming months.

These tiny homes will make a difference.
These tiny homes will make a difference. Each home will have insulated panels and be self-supporting, allowing for easy construction. (Supplied: Tiny Homes Foundation)

Each house can be built for less than $30,000 and be prefabricated or flat packed for easy assembly.

The approved plan will provide four to six single-occupancy units, a common laundry, lounge and vegetable garden.

They will be 14 square metres large and include a bathroom, kitchen, sleeping area, living area, a small deck and rainwater tank.

“We’re not trying to build the next biggest charity, we’re just trying to solve homelessness,” said Mr Wooldridge as quoted by ABC News.

“All of us are only just two or three steps away from homelessness; you just need a couple of major setbacks in your life to hit you simultaneously.”

The foundation will work with local social housing provider Pacific Link, which will be responsible for allocating tenants to the homes.

Those tenants would then pay a small rental fee out of their government support payments.

The average rent is about $51 per week.

How wonderful is this idea?

  1. Sue  

    What a wonderful idea this should be in all states, the only concern I have is what happens if they don’t pay or can’t pay their rent. Will need to be monitored to avoid them turning into slums.

  2. elizabeth kirkpatrick  

    this is a great idea these people deserve a home where they can live it may encourage them to get work i cant imagine living on the streets how they do it i dont understand how our government hasnt done this sooner

  3. Fantastic idea .. obviously not from the Govt … A lot of people would be so grateful to have a roof after living on the streets .. gee when you think about it there are going to be a LOT of these needed.

  4. Chris  

    I agree with the above comments. Give people self worth and the results are great. A shower, kitchen and sleeping quarters. Brilliant. Come on NZ follow along with thus too

  5. liz  

    Put me on the list please…………..

  6. Kathryn  

    How about more of these for aged pensioners. Many are struggling to pay rents for normal housing

  7. Roxy  

    I hope they don’t get demolished when Gosford Hospital needs to expand.

  8. I am thinking that if the Department of Housing and the developer of the tiny houses and Orange Sky and others get together, there would be wonderful results for people living with out a roof over their heads. They will need support of other sorts and that will create other jobs. Good thinking xx

  9. Frank  

    given my observation of homeless people attracted to the city for the free heated/air-conditioned libraries, public services, food services, hospitals, and ease of walking to and from all of these – I’m not sure how many are likely to be attracted to living up the coast where you’d probably need a vehicle to get to any of the above

    but hey I like tiny homes – I’ve enjoyed living in such – and I’m sure they’ll find a few people wanting to enjoy living in 4-6 houses – a good start so well done.

  10. shona  

    Come on NZ this is the snswers to the homeless in our country. It’s an abysmal state in this country. Why have the state houses not continued t o be built as an ongoing thing? There wouldn’t b e so many homeless families if you had kept on building them

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