The most popular names over the years revealed

Do you feel like you have a common name? It may not because your parents weren’t creative; according to a

Do you feel like you have a common name?

It may not because your parents weren’t creative; according to a report by MooseRoots, some names had more than a 700 per cent increase in any year, compared to the average frequency which babies were given that name. Yes!

Apparently, while certain names went in and out of style, names like Lauren, Madison and Crystal are some of the ‘trendiest’ names.

Girls were much more likely to be given a ‘fad’ name, with only five of the top 30 trendy names traditionally given to boys.

Was your name ever popular? Take a look at this list…

1932 – Joan

1940 – Judith

1945 – Carol

1946 – Sharon and Judy

1948 – Linda

1954 – Deborah

1955 – Debra

1957 – Cynthia

1958 – Kathy

1965 – Lisa

1974 – Jason

1975 – Amy

1976 – Jeremy

1987 – Ashley, Jessica and Amanda

1989 – Lauren and Brittany

1994 – Taylor

2002 – Ethan

Can you guess which name was the most popular name for little girls in 1935?

Shirley Temple became famous in the early 1930s and so did her name.

It was Shirley, with a 1,298 per cent increase attributed to the popularity of American child star Shirley Temple, who became famous in the early 1930s.

The name Judy was made popular by singer and actress, Judy Garland. Similarly, the name Judy was also most popular in the 1940s, right after the premiere of “Wizard of Oz.”

For boys names, Jason was at its most popular in 1974, just a few years before Jason Segal was born.

Those are American names; what about here in Australia?

Photo: NSW Government.
Photo: NSW Government.

Turns out, the popularity of baby names in Australia echoes the findings of MooseRoots, according to Data from the NSW Government.

The data shows that the name Lauren and Amanda were the most popular in Australia in the late 80s and Jeremy peaked in the 70s and 80s for the most popular boy’s name.


Did you have a popular name? If you could give yourself another name, what would it be?

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