The return of these old school phones is a Baby Boomer’s dream come true

As far as we can remember, mobile phones used to be easy to operate and batteries would last days. Remember
The return of these old phones is a Baby Boomer's dream come true.

As far as we can remember, mobile phones used to be easy to operate and batteries would last days. Remember the Nokia phones fifteen years ago? Operating them was a breeze and charging wasn’t needed so often compared to the newer phones released into the market these days. The only place our phone charger saw back then was the house. Latest, Nokia has confirmed that it will release five new smartphones in 2017. But the new phones will be built much likes its predecessors, cheap but durable, with up to 22 hours talk time and 31 days standby.
It said the Nokia 150 and Nokia 150 Dual are “built to last” and promise the same battery power from the good old Nokia 3310 days.
The two phones which will be released next year will also come with classic games Snake and Nitro Racing. Remember those?

The Android phones will have 5” and 5.7” displays and the first set will be unveiled at the annual Mobile World Congress tech show in February.
The former market leader fell from grace after the iPhone hit the market in the late ’90s. It’s hoped that with the introduction of an Android operating system (and a new design team behind the scenes), the phones will be a hit with nostalgic gadget lovers.

According to Gadget 360, there are rumours Nokia will also launch three more smartphones.

It’s not that over-60s can’t handle new phones, we just love simplicity. Do you agree? 

Do you prefer the old phones or the newer smartphones?

  1. Janice Sommer  

    I Loved my Nokia Phones they were the best ever can’t wait to see them again.

  2. Claire  

    I loved my old Nokia 7600. It is only 3 years since my sons 3310 died. He is one of the few in their 30’s who does not like phones but his new Samsung 6 was his replacement. I like my iPhone for photos but really a phone that does messages and phone calls is all I need. That and a phone that holds it’s charge.

  3. Rob Ozanne  

    I have never had a “smart phone” and hopefully never will. All I use my mobile for is calls and occ texts

  4. Robert  

    I still have 3 of my original Nokia 3310 mobile phones, however, I don’t have batteries for them or know if you can still get one for them. These phones lasted for at least 3-4 days without being re-charged, unlike my new smartphone that has to be charged daily. I don’t know if these old phones would work on the 3G network or not, does anyone know if they will??

    • Judith  

      Try the internet for new batteries for mobile phones. My husband makes a hobby of playing around with old mobiles that people have discarded. If you know the model number, search on Ebay and it is quite likely you will be able to find something suitable. From Hong Kong, China or Korea (naturally), but very cheap and worth a try.
      We also have an old Panasonic landline portable phone with three extensions, just bought four new batteries for $21.10 inc. postage. (And the supplier was in Victoria, delivered within a week, even during the Christmas period.)

  5. lurch  

    The nearest to me using a smartphone is an old samsung GT83310 it will only operate on G3 no internet or all that other crap but a slightly larger screen would be nice.

  6. Kevin  

    I purchased a new Samsung. The salesman carefully showed me how to use all the features, from weather to games. When he finished my only comment was “thank you, but how do I make a phone call?”

  7. Yeah, the battery issue is a big one. I personally love the newer smartphones. But so many people I know are the opposite.

    Was talking with a local business owner a while back. He pulled out his old cellphone from his pocket. Said he dreads the thought of using a smartphone but knows people think he’s being silly for not upgrading.

    You always hear people claiming that people our age fear technology. But I think it’s just a dread of spending so much free time learning a gazillion phone features. Not to mention stuff like virus protection, backing up your phone, handling spam, turning features down to save battery power, etc.

    Remember when phones shipped with a paper version of the user manual? Today the thing would weigh like 5 pounds!

    But when you think about it, there’s no need to learn all a phone’s capabilities.Just the few you want to use, right?

    I think people our age have a hard time with the idea that with today’s tech you’ll always be behind, you’ll never catch up, and that’s okay. I still struggle with that sometimes. But it’s true of everyone, not just age 50+, because of how fast technology is changing. No one really keeps up.

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