What Pisses Me Off: Shopping Centre carparks and rude people

It’s that time of year again when the jingle bells are ringing, and you can’t get a park in a

It’s that time of year again when the jingle bells are ringing, and you can’t get a park in a shopping centre on a weekend for love or money and today I want to talk about how nasty people turn in the carpark as they relentlessly pursue the illusive ‘parking space”.  It really pisses me off!

My mother used to always tell me to go early to the shopping centre or not at all in December.  Well, it is not even December yet so I failed to heed her advice, taking myself off to the shops at about 9.30am yesterday.  Anyone who spends a lot of time at the shops will attest that this was the wrong time to arrive in a Christmas rush that has come early.   9.30am is possibly the worst time of the day to get a carpark in a shopping centre and it caused me a lot of frustration… !

I arrived, ready for a few hours of pre-christmas logistics thinking how clever I was to be preparing for Christmas with four weeks to go… 35 minutes later I was still driving around and around and around trying in vain to get a carpark.  It took me 40 minutes to find, wait patiently for and get a carpark… AND IT IS NOT EVEN DECEMBER YET!

But what really pissed me off is not the wait or the challenge, but the lady who stole my first carpark.  There’s a story to tell here… so why not!

I had driven around and looked rather patiently after I realised the challenging time I had picked… you see 9.30am is too late to get a park, but also too early to catch someone leaving.  People don’t leave a large shopping mall like my local Westfield until at least and hour after arrival – and now I have the proof to show for it.

The first time I spied a spot was about 15 minutes after I arrived in the carpark in the 90 minute zone where a lady was walking to her car, keys pointed and ready to get in.    I stopped in an awkward position ready to reverse into her carpark when she had driven out and waited patiently thinking to myself how lucky I was.  The carpark was at the top of a ramp and not easy to protect, but really, in a local suburb like mine should I have to? Apparently so!

She reversed out and drove away, and just as I was about to reverse my car into position, a little blue hatchback pulls into the carpark driven by a 20-something.  My blood boiled.  I had waited patiently for that spot, and been polite.  I was not going to be anymore.  I pulled up behind the girl and queried her.  She looked right through me, got out of her car and walked in.  Downright rude in my opinion and if I wasn’t so intent on getting on with my day I would have given her quite a serve.  In fact, all the words I should have said to her are now running through my head hours later.  Clever quips that never come to you in the heat of the moment.

Have you ever had this happen to you? How did you handle yourself?




  1. Do a 9am start. .. Take A book or mag to read for half hour it’s worth it.
    People dont care nowadays no wonder tempers flare ..

  2. So the season of goodwill towards all has started earlier than usual! Yes,I have had that exact scenario happen in the same brazen manner,and I was so taken aback I couldn’t believe it! So I’ve learned never to try and reverse park and to get up as close as possible to the departing vehicle with my indicator on full blast! I’m impervious to any impatient queue waiting behind and I don’t budge till the car reverses out.It’s called survival parking! But I also try to avoid peak hour park times,and from now till the New Year things turn really nasty so if you must enter the fray,go armed with a pot of patience and a cheery smile ready to wish any offender a Jolly Good Christmas!

  3. Me too Margaret Peterson! And I don’t get upset easily. But if I do, yes I mutter to myself all the way home the things I would like to have said. How clever we are in hindsight!
    Mostly I just smile and say,’Thank You!’ People hate that when they are being nasty.

  4. It’s the reverse park that loses you the spot opens up an opportunity for the parking space thief.

    • Yes, I arrived at our local Plaza in the middle of “fun day” with fire trucks clowns, stall etc. everyone was patient and smiling, a lovely man indicated he was leaving his spot. I parked easily and did the same when I left. It’s not hard to be considerate and patient.

  5. No I avoid it at all cost, I have always been an early riser so it’s a no brainer for me get to the shopping centre early. Although I have done all my shopping this year without a trip to the shopping centre, I did the whole lot on line so I only need to wrap them now, far less stressful!

  6. Love the scene in the movie “Fried Green Tomatoes”. Same thing happens and the older lady (from memory) repeatedly smashes into the rude persons small car in fury. When the rude person screams “you can’t do that” the angry lady says “yes I can, I’m olderand better insured”…. such fun… lol

  7. Go early in the morning or if it is food shopping go later in the night, I make sure I get all my Christmas presents BEFORE the Christmas rush

    • Im the same Rosalind my xmas shopping is done already & the trick is to get out early & just ignore rude people !! merry xmas everyone

  8. I have a Disabitlies card,and piss me that people pull in there just as you incate and they haven’t got a card and you niceiy query them and you are told f…off I’ll park here if I like it is worst at this time of the year.The $200 fine doesn’t worry them to lazy to find a empty space where they should be.

    • A lady in my small town was fined nearly $600 for illegally parking in a disabled space. I now carry a couple of little cards I made up saying just that – put them under the windscreen wipers of offending cars.

    • They’d have to, Carolyn. It’s the same as any parking fine. No escape from the long arm of the law, hmmm!!

  9. This is why u get all ur shopping done earlier in the year n only go out for the occasional bargain n essentials now

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