What Pisses Me Off: PDAs!

What pisses me off? Public Displays of Affection, or PDAs. You know the type I’m talking about: sloppy kisses between

What pisses me off? Public Displays of Affection, or PDAs. You know the type I’m talking about: sloppy kisses between a couple, right in front of your face. Get a room!

I could name many incidents but one of the most recent was at the movies. I’m partial to a bit of canoodling but my God, the couple in front of me were going at it┬álike no one’s business. They had tongues wagging inside and outside their mouths! The audience were gasping, and not at the movie. It was truly a display, and not a good one. I nearly wanted to tell the usher but when I saw the poor 15-year-old take one look at the lovers, he almost bolted. I don’t blame him, I would’ve legged it too except I really wanted to see the movie! This couple weren’t even watching, instead fondling and groping and kissing the entire time. When the lights came on I was shocked to see it wasn’t a pair of teenagers but 30 or 40-somethings. Good for them, I suppose, but does it have to be in public!?

Now, I know there’s nothing wrong with a smooch on the dance floor or when you’re greeting or farewelling your partner, but it boggles the mind how people think it’s OK to cavort their love around and rub it in your face! Hello! Get a room!!!

I think it’s actually taking it a bit far but I wonder if police should sometimes get involved, especially if children can see the almost pornographic incidents that occur every day between amorous couples? It isn’t alright. I know I’ve been in the throes of passion but I can’t say I wanted to show the whole world. To me, it’s private business, and it pisses me off when couples flaunt it everywhere!

Who agrees with me?!

Share your thoughts below.

  1. Pisses you off?

    If seeing a couple swapping spit is the worse thing that happens to you in a day call it a good day.

  2. Maybelle  

    Have seen two occasions’ of PDA which were just gross!

    One was on a train platform, & I couldn’t help myself saying ‘get a room’, as I walked past.

    The other was ON a train! These contortionists should’ve applied for jobs in the Circus, such were their movements!

    Respect, in every form, unfortunately, no longer exists.

    Many live by the maxim of ‘I’ll do what I want, where I want, & to hell with everybody else’!

  3. colin  

    I dont know why this column thinks the heading is acceptable. I personally find it unnecessary and offensive. The term WHAT ANNOYS ME is the same and more acceptable than some OLDER person using poor language that sets a POOR example to younger people. I have seen older people do it as well as hold hands in public, yet when two pf the same sex hold hands or two friend hug each other hello , eye brows are raised and one can hear the tut tuts. Clean up your own back yards.

  4. Carol samata  

    Too busy minding my own business and getting on with my life to be bothered about what others do

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