Reading was David Bowie’s idea of ‘perfect happiness’

This week we mourn the loss of a great entertainer, David Bowie. He was a person who reinvented himself many

This week we mourn the loss of a great entertainer, David Bowie. He was a person who reinvented himself many times over and, therefore, I found this tribute to the man, by Random House, very interesting. “When Vanity Fair asked him ‘What is your idea of perfect happiness?’ he responded simply ‘Reading.’” RIP to our fellow reader.

Do you like book memes? I find so many which reflect just how I feel about my life long friends … Books!

This one about Narnia is so apt; I’ve traveled the universe in my mind thanks to wonderful writers in many genres. I totally forget my surroundings and block out what is happening everywhere other than in the book. Yes, I’ve been known to travel way past my destination on bus and train, but luckily planes aren’t commuter services or heaven knows where I might have finished up. Does this happen to you? (Mind you, if the Narnia wardrobe could be filled with amazing clothes, I wouldn’t object.)

It seems we are all thrilled to have Enid Blyton’s Secret Stories rereleased. What memories were evoked; many of you “Loved Enid Blyton”; “still have all but two of the FF (Famous Five) books on my bookshelves”; “every now and then I get one of them out and read for a little while”. Rick said: “… I’m 68, and I’d read them again, so easy to read, none of this story line chop and change that today’s books have adapted”. I hear on the grapevine that the Mallory Towers series are also to be republished; we can only hope.

Then came the news that Julian Fellowes, author of Downton Abbey, is to launch a serialised book, Belgravia, about “the divisions between the upper echelons of society and newly wealthy families.” Isn’t it interesting that decades after the likes of Elizabeth Gaskell and Charles Dickens first published their classic novels as serials, we are going back to the future? Do you think you will buy Belgravia online or wait for the completed novel?

Huge thanks to everyone for your comments on last week’s books – a very big week for the Books at 60 Club, all thanks to you. The Books at 60 reviewers, obviously, love books but they spend a good deal of time reading and reviewing what they think will appeal to you. When you respond enthusiastically, it really makes our day.

Have a wonderful reading week; just another meme before we go.


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  1. Bev  

    My Keller Life by Amanda Keller is a wonderful read, I recommend that everyone read it, for a light happy interesting story. This crazy lady has had an amazing life , and tells her story warts and all.

    • Karen O'Brien-Hall  

      Thanks for the recommendation Bev, I’ve been wondering about this book.

  2. Tony  

    Reading is one of my greatest pleasures, I have over 2000 books and not one of them has only been read once, if I like a book I keep it to be read again another day, if I do not like it I get rid of it to a secondhand bookshop or to a charity shop. I have even gotten into trouble when I wanted to sit and read a book (or two, or three, or more) whilst on holiday rather than go to the beach. Books can take you any where, much better than films or DVD’s. It is like listening to the Goon Show or Monty Python, it all happens in your head. A great way to escape today’s world.

    • Karen O'Brien-Hall  

      Before I downsized Tony, I had 11 bookshelves packed tightly with much-loved and much read, just like yours. Personally I think we enjoyed our beach time, with good books in tow, more than the sunburned crowd.

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