Political correctness and apologism

The ‘Political Correctness and the Apologist’ brigades are going ahead by leaps and bounds in Australia, and I wonder why

The ‘Political Correctness and the Apologist’ brigades are going ahead by leaps and bounds in Australia, and I wonder why we (or our leaders) allow it to happen. One person somewhere says that they find it objectionable that schools celebrate Christmas, with carols and decorations, and in many places of learning these things are banned. Muslim women are allowed to wear full, body and face covering clothes, even in the most important places where they should be recognisable, like banks and courts – why? If you were to walk into your local bank wearing a mask, a motorcycle helmet, or any other ‘disguise’ you either wouldn’t be allowed in or someone would be quietly phoning the local police! And it is almost impossible to tell whether there is actually a woman or a man under all that cloth – something of a worry! We’re not supposed to call women “luv”, (note the different spelling), as the feminists find it objectionable for some reason, even though, as far as I am concerned, it is merely the female equivalent of the blokey “mate“.

We are expected to apologise to our aboriginal brothers for taking their land a couple of centuries ago, but how far back is this sort of thing supposed to go? Surely, on this basis all people in the UK of Saxon, Norse or Norman origin should be apologising to the Celts, who now live just in Wales and to a much smaller extent, in Cornwall. At least in those far off days the foreigners attacked and killed as many Celts as they could find, whereas the people who arrived in Australia with Captain Cook were barely aware that there was a full race of people living here already – a naïve approach admittedly, but at least it was, in the main part without malice.

Councils are a prime source of political correctness! Take for instance public toilets, many of which now carry a sign which simply says “AMBULANT”, no mention of “Toilet” at all, just a sign with the ambulant word and a graphic of a man or woman, apparently with only one leg and a walking stick. I wonder what foreign visitors, (and even locals who haven’t experienced this item), think of a sign like this. For all they know, it might be a sign announcing a first aid room, specialising in treating only one legged people!

There is another case in point regarding councils. Suppose virtually a whole town of about two thousand people decide they want a new swimming pool, and they have raised the money to pay for it. Then one member of the community objects, on the grounds that her daughter might go there and drown, so the council cancels the whole project. Where is the democratic rule here which states that if the majority want it, it must go ahead, even if some minor adjustments are made to accommodate slightly differing requirements.

We can’t call people who are unable to see ‘blind’ these days, though I completely fail to see where the insult lies, in that simple word that has been used for centuries; we now have to use ‘visually impaired’ instead. And the same applies to many other personal ailments too – you mustn’t refer to a person who can’t hear as ‘deaf’, they have to be ‘aurally challenged’ or some such thing, and anyone who is screamingly fat mustn’t be called anything more than ‘overweight’. In fact, the politically correct mob spend most of their efforts, it would seem, finding existing words objectionable for one reason or another, even though they are in every dictionary and have been there since Samuel Johnson wrote his, four hundred years ago!

Space won’t permit me to delve deeper into this interesting and annoying subject, but I hope it gives some idea as to my feelings. Why can’t these people just allow us to get on with our lives without having to worry whether what we say or do insults or offends someone, especially as our words and actions are pretty well universally used, without malice?

But then, perhaps I’m just visually impaired where a subject like this is concerned!

Do you agree with Brian?

  1. John  

    Yes, I see your point Brian, but, we will have to go with the flow as the vocal minority are the only ones listened to.

  2. Keith Schadel  

    Well said and totally true, when will we be banned from minor areas, we are following in the footsteps of Europe

  3. Eileen Larpent  

    Yes Brian, I totally agree with you, and John is correct when he says the vocal minority are the ones with the loudest voices, I think it’s about time the majority made themselves heard, don’t you ?

  4. Henry  

    You all should be voting for the Australian Liberty Alliance for the Senate and the Lower House, they will be on your side.

  5. I agree totally. I have an aboriginal friend. I call him blackey and he calls me whitey. We have done so for many years. But if I were to do it in public I could be charged. And what about children not being allowed to sing Bah Bah Blacksheep? For heavens sake grow up you people there are black sheep and white sheep and despite what your low level of intelligence may cause you to think neither one is going to be upset.

  6. Are you for real? The takeover of Australia was without malice??? What do you call the wholesale massacre of aboriginals in Tasmania? What about the displacement of a whole generation of aboriginal people taken from their homes and placed into orphanages??? I agree some of what goes on today is over the top, but please, stop re-writing history.

    • Colours  

      Well said Elaine. Our history is one of racism and genocide, and only recently have we begun to recognise that and try to make amends. As for treating people with disabilities with respect instead of labels, what’s wrong with that?

      You don’t like to be insulted, so why not show some consideration to others.

      • Bruce  

        You are right about the massacres luv but the people taking the children had the children’s best interest at heart. They should be taking them still but even more so from the white people who have no idea about how to raise a decent human being.

    • Brian Lee  

      What you write about came later through a lot of ignorant, cruel people and I entirely agree with you. That doesn’t alter my original statement though, because I believe Cook and his crew DID come here without malice towards the native people – they just didn’t realise, (or think about), how many of them there were; they were wrong admittedly, but they weren’t brutal.

  7. George Jereley  

    Well put Elaine. There is a difference between a friendly banter between friends and the public derogatory remarks and name calling. The pages of aboriginal history since invasion are soaked in blood. Poisoned wells and waterholes, mass slaughter by white settlers, enslavement, forced removal from their lands, forced removal of children. Much to be ashamed about. The white community is slow in attitude change.

  8. Angie B  

    Poor Brian, I am sure that you did not want this post to become a rant on racism! I do agree with the over the top PC that we are stuck with now. Pity common sense seems to have left the building!

    • Brian Lee  

      Yes, you get it Angie, not what I intended at all, but you have to take the rough with the smooth if you write something, on anything, for public consumption. Thanks for your support.

  9. colin  

    so we don’t apologise for the abuse children received either or give them any compensation. nor any one whose family were murdered in the wars nor any pensioner who cant afford to live…. NOT MY FAULT NOT MY PROBLEM////

  10. I’m sure Brian did intend his post to become a rant on racism! I have never heard of any of my local schools, or even those in my state, banning any Christmas celebrations. Check out just how many women in Australia wear the full burqa – very, very few! And yes, blind and deaf is then followed by “dumb” – totally unacceptable language – I would have thought, Brian, that you would have looked up the correct term for what used to be “deaf” – it is “hearing impaired”. And we should accord the original Australians every sympathy for what we did to them – until we get our history and our freedoms taken away from us, we will never be able to even begin to understand the atrocities committed in Britain’s name.

    • Brian Lee  

      You see Ally, you are one of the ‘politically correct’ people I was writing about. The words ‘blind’, ‘deaf’, and ‘dumb’ all appear in every dictionary I have referred to and not one of them mentions these words as being unacceptable in any way! It is YOU people who have made these perfectly innocent words into something somehow ugly. The rest of us accept them for what they are, simple, positive, accurate descriptions of various states of being. And the same applies to many other words that you and your crew, in your wisdom, have decided don’t suit you, so you try to make the rest of us suffer and feel guilty about them. Well – long may you fail!!

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