Dear Santa… from an 81-year-old

Dear Santa,  Many years ago when I first started school some of the kids told me there was no Santa Claus.

Dear Santa, 

Many years ago when I first started school some of the kids told me there was no Santa Claus. But when I woke up every Christmas morning I would always find a doll or a book at the foot of my bed, and I would wonder if any of those kids knew what they were talking about.

Leading up to Christmas one year I remember listening to a voice on our old wireless set – it was a man reading “The Letter To Virginia”. It was a lovely letter because they were reassuring Virginia that there really was a Santa Claus, I guessed then that I was not the only child that was told you did not exist. 

I was born on May 24th 1924, and I find as I have done for a number of years that I don’t need to ask you for anything in particular. Having said that I wonder if in your travels you could ask if anybody has some 8 ply wool they could let me have. These days I spend a lot of time crocheting rugs and I donate them all to the Cancer Council. Recently they presented me with a framed letter of appreciation. That was very nice Santa, don’t you agree? I was so surprised I cried.

So Santa any amount of 8 ply yarn would be greatly appreciated. With that I will let you get back to work as this is no doubt a busy time for you. I wish you safe and happy travelling during you Christmas journey and please make sure Rudolph keeps you high above the clouds wherever possible because there are a lot crazy people round the world these days!

What will you write to Santa this year?

  1. I hope Santa bring you your wool Christine and a very Merry Christmas to you

  2. Merry Christmas Christine and thank you for all the wonderful stories and laughter you have given us this year ⛄

  3. Merry Christmas Christine to you and yours thanks for your input over the year I’ve had lots of laughs, if I come across any wool I’ll send it on, life’s good with you in it.

  4. Christine I hope you and your mum have a very Merry Christmas, and Santa reads her message and delivers all the wool she can handle.

  5. Another good article Christine…made me laugh…Merry Christmas to you and yours 🌸

  6. To Christine’s Mum. When I was 6 one of my friends told me there was no santa, and also no tooth fairy and also that the stork didn’t deliver babies. I guess you realise by now (having delivered Christine) that the last one was true. Unfortunately I believed this friend about all 3 and each Christmas my presents diminished as I only got one from my parents whereas my younger siblings (who hadn’t told our parents that they were non-believers) got one from santa also. So keep believing, and if you stop DON”T TELL. I hope you get your wool and a very Merry Christmas to you and Christine.

    • Mum said to tell you she still believes in Santa as it pays off because I bought her a box of 50 colour pencils today and as far as the tooth fairy is concerned she says forget about it because she puts her teeth in a glass every night and there is never any money there in the morning.)))))

  7. I just love how you describe yourself, 61yr old dysfunctional child of a problem mother.
    Thankyou to yourself and your mum for your honest writings and entertaining us.
    Hope there are many skeins of wool under the tree so your mum can continue her wonderful work.🎄❤️🎄

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