Are we getting more stupid as we get older?

Is it just me or do we all get a bit stupid as we get older? No wonder the government

Is it just me or do we all get a bit stupid as we get older? No wonder the government is trying to get rid of us oldies and replace us with younger versions from other countries.

I bought myself a new toy and being the cheapest I could buy it has the odd problem. Like the knob comes off in my hand – come on mind’s up top – not that knob! The gear lever knob.

OK so I hear super glue is good stuff so I get a tube. I am holding the knob upside down and pouring the glue into the hole when of course I realise the bloody hole goes right through.

You guessed it I am standing there with a handful of super glue and a knob. I quickly pushed the knob on the lever and that was OK.

Anyone that has used this damn stuff knows the rest of the story. I had 3 fingers stuck together, a skin like a frilly lizard and no hope of getting it off.

Reminds me of a guy I knew before we all had mobile phones. He was away from home and went to ring the wife and there were two phone boxes. All the people were lined up outside one box. He asked someone was the second phone out of order and they said no this one is fixed.

He looked puzzled so the guy explains, every night the people in the know fix a phone in a different spot. He tells Syd that they put super glue on a coin and wait a few seconds and drop it in.

This sticks the mechanism open and they all get free calls all night.

Syd being a crafty old dude thinks this is great so he turns up one night with his coin, super glue and evil intentions.

You guessed it the super glue was a bit tricky so poor old Syd is stuck in the phone box like Clark Kent with his super glue venture. He was greatly embarrassed by the time the guys came to get his hand unstuck from the phone and the coin and the door handle off his hand, he is in big trouble.

Don’t know whether to believe him but he reckoned that the guys laughed that much they let him go.

Silly or old this is the question? My excuse is old age and senility, LOL.

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