And they govern us?

The combined idiocy of all the members of Parliament, in both houses, has done it again! Up to last week

The combined idiocy of all the members of Parliament, in both houses, has done it again! Up to last week this wonderful country of ours was in a bit of a mess, now, thanks to the efforts of the aforementioned idiots, we are in a much worse state than before.

At least, before the election we had a government that could raise new bills, even if they did manage to get most of them thrown out by a Senate hell-bent on not allowing anything the government wanted to do, whether it was a good idea or a bad one. All they wanted to do was to bathe in their own glory and make themselves feel important, without any consideration for what the country needed. This was why Turnbull, in his wisdom, thought up the bright idea of a double dissolution, coupled with a change in the rules applying to the election of Senators. Boy, did he fall flat on his face over that!

As I’ve already said. The result of this folly is that we are MUCH worse off now than we were before last Saturday. The main reason for this? Well, in my humble opinion I believe it all comes down to the fact that the people leading us have no new ideas, and no courage to carry them out even if they had some! Both parties stumbled through the pre-election period, bringing out the same old promises, about education, growth, employment and Medicare, all of which bored us all into some sort of coma, which we didn’t come out of until the voting was over. There being nothing to choose between the two main parties, there was no incentive for any part of the voting population to direct their choice one way or the other, the result most likely being a hung Parliament, or something very much like one, (it’s going to take a week or so to find out!).

This lack of interest in the major parties has led to exactly the situation Turnbull was trying to avoid. The Senate has, if anything, more small parties and individuals in it now than it had before, most of them likely to be just as ‘bolshie’ as the previous lot.

If only Turnbull or Shorten had come up with a couple of new ideas, along the lines of what they must have known the public were interested in regarding political correctness, stupid jail sentences, the continual messing about with superannuation and proper care for the aged, they would have strolled into the lead with little or no effort at all!

But no, they didn’t care anything about us; all they were interested in was feathering their own nests, while doing very little about the country falling to pieces around them.

One only has to look at the things they get, that mere mortals like us don’t, such as super payouts as soon as they leave or are voted out of Parliament, whatever their age or whether they take up other work elsewhere; free flights for themselves and their families, fully funded expenses for a very wide range of situations which we would have to pay for ourselves. It really is sickening!

Now I suppose we are going to be subjected to yet another three dismal years of bickering, squabbling and point scoring, instead of a Government ready and willing to serve United States instead of itself, a Government going all out to return the Australia we used to love to us, a Government made up of true statesmen instead of self-seeking idiots!

I’m just being silly now, aren’t I?

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