And they govern us?

The combined idiocy of all the members of Parliament, in both houses, has done it again! Up to last week

The combined idiocy of all the members of Parliament, in both houses, has done it again! Up to last week this wonderful country of ours was in a bit of a mess, now, thanks to the efforts of the aforementioned idiots, we are in a much worse state than before.

At least, before the election we had a government that could raise new bills, even if they did manage to get most of them thrown out by a Senate hell-bent on not allowing anything the government wanted to do, whether it was a good idea or a bad one. All they wanted to do was to bathe in their own glory and make themselves feel important, without any consideration for what the country needed. This was why Turnbull, in his wisdom, thought up the bright idea of a double dissolution, coupled with a change in the rules applying to the election of Senators. Boy, did he fall flat on his face over that!

As I’ve already said. The result of this folly is that we are MUCH worse off now than we were before last Saturday. The main reason for this? Well, in my humble opinion I believe it all comes down to the fact that the people leading us have no new ideas, and no courage to carry them out even if they had some! Both parties stumbled through the pre-election period, bringing out the same old promises, about education, growth, employment and Medicare, all of which bored us all into some sort of coma, which we didn’t come out of until the voting was over. There being nothing to choose between the two main parties, there was no incentive for any part of the voting population to direct their choice one way or the other, the result most likely being a hung Parliament, or something very much like one, (it’s going to take a week or so to find out!).

This lack of interest in the major parties has led to exactly the situation Turnbull was trying to avoid. The Senate has, if anything, more small parties and individuals in it now than it had before, most of them likely to be just as ‘bolshie’ as the previous lot.

If only Turnbull or Shorten had come up with a couple of new ideas, along the lines of what they must have known the public were interested in regarding political correctness, stupid jail sentences, the continual messing about with superannuation and proper care for the aged, they would have strolled into the lead with little or no effort at all!

But no, they didn’t care anything about us; all they were interested in was feathering their own nests, while doing very little about the country falling to pieces around them.

One only has to look at the things they get, that mere mortals like us don’t, such as super payouts as soon as they leave or are voted out of Parliament, whatever their age or whether they take up other work elsewhere; free flights for themselves and their families, fully funded expenses for a very wide range of situations which we would have to pay for ourselves. It really is sickening!

Now I suppose we are going to be subjected to yet another three dismal years of bickering, squabbling and point scoring, instead of a Government ready and willing to serve United States instead of itself, a Government going all out to return the Australia we used to love to us, a Government made up of true statesmen instead of self-seeking idiots!

I’m just being silly now, aren’t I?

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  1. Maree Bloxhsm  

    Well said. I think most of the population would agree with your comments. It appears we no longer have anyone confident or competent to lead us. Hard decisions need to be made. Popular or not. They are almost interchangeable our leaders in their abitilty to bore you to tears.

    • Jeanette Barbour  

      I think that neither parties won at election,it only showed how people are feeling about the parties,and they are beginning to wake up to the situation.They should listen to them,and there self,and only act for the good of the country.I also think that voting should not be compulsery,as there must be an element who do not care and only do it to avoid being fined.

    • Jeanette Barbour  

      I think that neither parties won at election,it only showed how people are feeling about the parties,and they are beginning to wake up to the situation.They should listen to them,and there self,and only act for the good of the country.I also think that voting should not be compulsery,as there must be an element who do not care and only do it to avoid being fined.

  2. JB  

    I totally agree! Do we have a bloomin’ choice? It’s exasperating!
    We’re led by donkeys and chimpanzees. I’m done with all this, but how can it be changed????

  3. Amelia  

    The LNP idiots’ got rid of the duly elected PM, in Tony Abbott.
    They removed a good man, & got a twit who didn’t have a clue, & still doesn’t, & who’s got this Country into an absolute mess., worse than it was already.

    If it wasn’t so bee serious, it’d be laughable.

    • I wish they’d kept abbott too. Then the LNP would have been annihilated at the election, which would have been the best result ever.

  4. I agree with what you say Brian. Both the major parties failed to deliver in the pre election period. It certainly looks like we are heading for another hung parliament. Even at this late stage one thing is for sure; the governing party faces hostility in the Senate.
    At a time when Australia needs stability in government it seems that many have used their voting privileges as a protest or to pollie bash or to push a personal agenda by supporting a minor party or independent. It could be argued that there was widespread dissatisfaction with the major parties and that a wake up call was needed. That may be so but the result is that we are no better off than we were before the election.
    The LNP coalition will be returned with a reduced majority. The Labor Party will do its best to disrupt and destabilise the government and the Greens along with all the “I’m just here to cause trouble in parliament” type politicians will continue to throw their hands in the air and do the best they can to undermine every move the government makes.
    We would have been better off if we had elected a government, be it the coalition or Labor that had a majority in all houses of parliament and thereby a clear mandate to govern in the best interests of Australia and all her people.
    I hope I am wrong but I fear we face a rocky road ahead.

  5. Cathy Howat  

    I would rather have seen Labour win outright, but at least if the Liberals do forma Government they will be hobbled, they will also lose on the same sex marriage thing which please me no end!

  6. John B  

    I agree!
    The huge elephant in the room, which everyone ignored is that major corporations are paying little or no tax. Not a peep about that – from any politician!
    How can any Government – or potential Government – not address this major issue? It’s an election winner! Promise to fix this unfair, inequitable, unjust system and whoever does it will be in Government for as long as they want. They won’t have to change superannuation, play with Medicare, adjust taxation for individuals of business, just collect what these corporate bludgers are stealing form us.
    Simple, really.

    • Yes, and we could have a 1st rate NBN, a fully funded public health system, ABC, CSIRO, and a 1st rate education system for all, not just the rich.

  7. Sorry, Abbot didn’t cut it either. He was as arrogant and out of touch with the electorate as was China Muhummad Turnbull! We lack people in parliament who have the ability to govern, and have forgotten what real people contend with, such as exorbitant power, gas and water prices, out of control and unaccountable local government, imported food rather than local product, and a raft of similar things. Then we look at State governments, such as here in S A, and you wonder which limp dicks you are going to vote in next election, because you have a choice of a party lead by Mr Bland – No – Personality or Steven – who the hell is he? – Marshall ! I just really want to be rich and buy my own island somewhere and retire from the world! I wish!

  8. Hels  

    right on the button and I just want to add that if the lower house was doing it’s duty and listening to their constituents we wouldn’t have all the weirdies in the senate. They were voted for because there was no real alternatives to vote for in the three parties! People get their noses out of joint by hearing rubbish spewing from the mouths of arrogant, bombastic Pollies telling us what we should think. Now they know and I hope they get back on track fast .

  9. No you are not being silly Brian. You are totally spot on with your summary. I couldn’t agree with you sentiments more as do many common sense Australians.
    Wouldn’t it be a novel idea if the LNP & LP, instead of wingeing about a hung parliament, actually came together and cooperatively developed sound policies that made sense, were good for the Australian People, good for the country and good for the economy. It’s not rocket science! My students could do a better job making sound decisions, benificial to Australia, than the current politicians in Canberra. I know this because they have formulated a plan for a unified cooperative country based on the 7 principles of life, living, and we’ll being for the future. They even understand the profit principle however they believe a healthy economy does not necessarily reflect a healthy or happy population.
    Why are we virtually giving away our almost inexhaustible gas resources to the USA when we could be processing the gas in Australia? Think of the job creation, associated support industries and the financial benifits to the Nation. Why are we selling off our precious land, water resources and ports to the Chinese? Why are we allowing foreign countries to buy into the top end property markets? Why? Why? Why? There are a thousand more why’s to be answered. We all know why!
    Current sitting Governments are only ever interested in looking good in the poles and staying in power. Why? So they can control the money. Why? Whoever controls the money has the power and those who have the power and the money control the people. Ultimately those who have the most money control the government. Most politicians are not interested in the people or the country or the future. They are there to make money, gain an advantage and accrue as many lurks, perks & entitlements as they can. It is unbelievable how much money non active politicians are costing this country!!! Billions are lost annually to our coffiers proping up the finances of past serving politicians. These people do not need the money and should not be entitled to a never ending supply of tax payer funds.
    Just because they can justify rhorting allowances legally doesn’t make it right. Claiming an allowance on accommodation whilst staying in your wife’s property is morally wrong on all levels. Saying the higher prices on fuel, because of increases in fuel tax, won’t affect some people “because poor people don’t drive” is a condescending inaccurate heartless statement. Increasing government salaries by over 40% without any consultation with the public and then quibbling over a 5% pay rise for paramedics, teachers, fire fighters, police service personnel, nurses, armed services personnel etc is just sheer greed on the part of the politicians.
    The age of Entitlement is OVER !!!
    Put the Australian People first not your Political Pockets.

  10. Cheryl  

    Couldn’t agree more. The first problem with this election was that you knew one of them would win! We need a third viable party truly interested in the welfare of ordinary citizens because at this point political parties have a 50/ 50 chance of winning no matter how poorly they perform. Even the terminology of government and opposition creates problems in that as stated here it appears the opposition opposes everything whether good or bad for us. All they seem to agree on is more benefits for themselves. In the pre-poll advertising there was plenty of comments such as pensions cost the government a certain amount and disability pensions cost a certain amount but never once did I hear how much politicians pensions cost the people

  11. Henry Kaye  

    Hindsight is still a wonderfull thing. According to this the quality of the campaigns is the problem. It’s not. Paul Keating liked to quote Jack Lang who said something like in the race of life, you can always back self interest to win. The electorate don’t want statesmen, they want to know what’s in it for them and that attracts politicians who know how to do that. We voted for them, we need to take some responsibility for our values.

  12. rikda  

    “most of them likely to be just as ‘bolshie’ as the previous lot.”
    Really? is that what you call opposition to extreme right wing deconstruction of medicare, education & pensioners?
    You tip your hand sir.
    Perhaps the “Bolshie’s are gun shy of a party led by a pathological liar, who has became a white ant to a replacement that has appalling judgement..
    You want to know what went wrong?
    You worry about them plundering the entitlements but give a pass to a leader who openly & proudly admits he lied to parliament & every adult Australian, & was glad he did, & still has committed defenders?
    You don’t worry that section 44 i of the constitution doesn’t get the respect the forefathers intended of it, that may well mean the entire government of this country may well be fraudulently administered.
    Australia has two visibly clear core problems.
    Politicians are out of control & are unworthy administrators, & the administrators misunderstand that it’s trust, & it’s “Silence is taken as consent” when it’s just lazy apathetic dreamers living in the past that cling to the hope the “Honourable” members are just being naughty.

    • Brian Lee  

      My dictionary describes ‘Bolshie’ as “difficult to manage, rebellious, any political radical” I still think that description adequately covers the actions of those few Senate members who went out of their way to disrupt the passing of important bills during the past government! Also, in my defense, I have to say it was impossible to mention all the items you brought up in your reply, even if I had thought of all of them. When you are limited by space to a maximum of about seven hundred words, it is important to TRY to write about what you consider is most valuable to the readability of the piece – to attempt to “get the flavour” so to speak. I have no argument with your comments and I am grateful you took the trouble to fill out what I had written, with extra information.

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