68 reasons why getting older is not that bad!

This March I’m 68 (1948 was a good year!) So I’m putting together 68 reasons why getting older is NOT

This March I’m 68 (1948 was a good year!) So I’m putting together 68 reasons why getting older is NOT that bad, and the random lessons I’ve learnt. There’s more, but I’m sure there’s lots of SAS members that can add to these…….

68.  Getting older is a privilege. Celebrate each birthday, each dawn.

67.  I experienced the Beatles, ABBA, Bee Gees, Eric Clapton, when they weren’t famous.

66.  “Words” can, and do, hurt.  And the pain often lasts longer than “sticks and stones”.

65.  Making excuses or saying “maybe” is easy, but saying “no” is better.

64.  It’s not good to use sarcasm, but boy it feels good.

63.  A leather chair looks good, but feels sticky in hot weather, and cold in chilly weather.

62.  Vindaloo is not for weak stomachs.

61.  My guts hold the secret to my health.

60.  White bread and sugar = poison.  So are most alternatives.

59.  A good man is hard to find.  A hard man is even harder.

58.  Listen to your intuition.  If it feels wrong, it usually is.  Same if it feels right.

57.  Sex.  It gets better.  Quality is better than quantity.

56.  Don’t go skiing.  

55.  Sometimes a good hug and cuddle is all that’s needed.  I don’t need you to “fix” it.

54.  Help others.  It comes back 10 fold.

53.  Avoid negative people.  

52.  Even if you don’t agree with someone’s opinion, listen to them.  They may have a point.

51.  Remember not to dominate a conversation.  

50.  Your trip to an exotic place is usually of no interest to others.  Don’t harp on about it.

49.  If your doctor doesn’t listen to you, change the doctor.

48.  Smile.  It’s contagious.

47.  Laughter is healing.  Unless you’ve had a stomach or gut operation!!

46.  Trying to change someone to the person you want them to be is impossible and wrong.

45.  Allowing someone to mould you into someone they want you to be is downright dumb.  And self-destructive.

44.  Lying is cruel, destructive, and hurtful to the other person.

43.  A lier needs a good memory.  As you get older it’s more difficult.  

42.  If your friends are overweight, you are also more likely to be overweight.

41.  Being solo has many compensations.  You know the milk bottle will not be empty.

40.  Learn the words of the National Anthem.  Especially the “girt by sea” bit.

39.  Measure your success by your happiness, not by your material gain.

38.  When you were in your teens and twenties, you WERE beautiful.  You still are.

37.  Spend time with your parents.  One day they will be gone, and whatever age you are, you will still be an orphan.  

36.  Let go of your children.  Your job is done once they are adults.

35.  Shopping centres are hell.  Except when it’s 35 degs or more outside!

34.  Dogs live “for the moment”.  Learn from them.

33.  Run, if your husband or friend is a narcissist.  Or a pathological lier.  Or verbally or physically  abusive. Just run.  

32.  Your health is your wealth.  Protect it.

31.  Some people are just plain evil.

30.  Volunteer.  Give your time, especially if you can’t give money.  

29.  Money isn’t always the solution, but it helps.

28.  Children grow well when they have lots of love and a little healthy neglect.

27.  Pay off your credit card each month.

26.  The internet, iPhones, technology in general is wonderful, but……….(please complete…too many buts)

25.  Babies don’t have the same appeal they did when I was younger.  

24.  Some friendships are actually just acquaintances along the road.  That doesn’t make them any less valid.

23.  A chance meeting can change your life.

22.  Eight hugs a day is the minimum for good health.  Hug a tree if there’s no one to hug.  Or a pet.

21.  Be nice to someone who is rude to you.  They may have had a bad day, or a trauma in their life.  If they are just not a nice person, at least you are not lowering yourself to their level.

20.  Learn a new skill.  Often.  I’m learning to crochet at the moment, and continuing with my ukulele and Spanish.  Crochet is the hardest!

19.  Retail therapy is a temporary fix.  It’s great fun though! Even op shopping is fun!

18.  Wear what you like.  I am still looking for a big purple hat.  

17.  Get up real early once in a while, and watch the sun rise.  Listen to the birds.  

16.  Be grateful you can do number 17.

15.  Listen to some sixties and seventies music, and then say we didn’t have THE BEST.

14.  What’s ok for me, may not be ok for another.  And that’s ok.

13.  Read your old love letters!  (I still have all mine…phew!)

12.  Read the directions!  Do not expect it to be a five minute job to create what should be a five minute job!

11.  Do not mess with other people’s feelings.  Or let them mess with your feelings.

10.  Do not expect someone else to support you.  

9.   Don’t be jealous.  If there’s reason to be jealous, it’s too late.  If there’s no reason, then it’s a waste of energy.

8.   Don’t keep harping on the “good old days”.  Your glasses may have a rose tint.  

7.   Karma exists.

6.   Gossip can be vindictive.  But it can also be therapeutic.  It depends on YOU.

5.   Eat plenty of vegetables.  And a little chocolate.

4.  Stop worrying.  Most of the things you worry about don’t happen.  And worrying won’t stop them happening.

3.  Try thinking of something other than “What do you do (job)?” when you meet someone.

2.   Stilettos are for young people.  There comes a time when they hurt!

1.   Respect other people’s time.  Their time is as valuable as yours.  Don’t be late.

What do you love about getting older?