10 things you may not know about baby boomer travellers

Do you know a baby boomer traveller? Are you a baby boomer traveller? If you are, do you know you are

Do you know a baby boomer traveller? Are you a baby boomer traveller?

If you are, do you know you are a very important travel demographic? Apparently there are 10,000 baby boomers retiring every day.

The baby boomer travel market is bigger than ever and is growing in size and in $$ spend as the last of the baby boomers come to age. They have more disposable income than their parents, they are more adventurous and they are discerning travellers.

Tour operators are learning not to underestimate your demands, they are learning how to make their experiences more in line to what you want and expect.

Here are 10 things you may not know about baby boomer travellers:

  1. They believe travel is a necessity not a luxury. You will either find them on the road for longer-term travel or taking more short-term vacations.
  2. They don’t want to be confused with the grey-nomads.
  3. They travel with a budget, they want more bang for their bucks! But they still want their comforts.
  4. They do not want to take a group tour to be herded around like goats. They want cultural and social experiences that are unique. Most likely they have already done the touristy sites in major cities, they want something different.
  5. They are tech savvy, their iPads and iPhones are their best friends. Free Wi-Fi is a must wherever they stay. They are travelling more and want to be in constant contact with their family and friends.
  6. They don’t bother with language classes; their downloaded language apps translate for them and can even translate road signs.
  7. They are willing to give anything a go – embarrassment does not exist in their language. Challenge them is their new motto.
  8. They are environmentally conscious. They are conscious of their carbon footprint.
  9. They like to offer their experiences to other travellers, younger or older.
  10. They are solo travellers or they are travelling as a couple. A new trend is baby boomers travelling longer term with their families.

Does this sound like you? Or does this sound like a baby boomer traveller that you know?


  1. Joann Tilyard (CJCT)  

    I LOVE the travelling lifestyle. I am still working so I am making the most of the extra income while I can and the lifestyle I currently live enables me to travel four times a year… at least one long overseas trip each year. This year it will be two trips. it is just so wonderful, refreshing and enlightening to see how other cultures function, how other countries survive and to realise how fortunate we are. BUT the biggest bugbear I have is… the huge expense of travelling within Australia. ENJOY it while you can is my motto.

  2. Richard Barnes  

    “They are conscious of their carbon footprint”
    Bet you didn’t ask them about it!
    My guess is, being a leftist/warmist you just couldn’t help putting this in.

  3. Wayne Rogers  

    Too bad for you and your gullibility on the global warming scam, most Aussies aren’t buying that claptrap!

    It’s a non issue.

    Despite endless hype & lies, most Aussies sceptical of #climatechange pic.twitter.com/iizh834uje

    global warming SCAM DROPPED FROM POLL DUE TO LACK OF INTEREST! pic.twitter.com/uXABhfxAQx

    UN GLOBAL POLL: global warming scam DEAD LAST! Only the gullible fooled. pic.twitter.com/hGHq48oWNG

    global warming about DEAD LAST in Europe as well! pic.twitter.com/FHhjyfxz8S

    Ch9 Poll:69% Australians reject global warming DESPITE UNRELENTING WARMIST PROPAGANDA http://joannenova.com.au/2014/11/nine-poll-shows-69-of-australians-dont-believe-in-man-made-global-warming/

    An INCONVENIENT News Radio Poll pic.twitter.com/cKHaa2blQR

    A wonder climate change scam is even on the list let alone at the bottom! pic.twitter.com/e4YyRUHqAg

  4. Richard and Wayne……I quite agree with you.
    It makes no difference to climate warming as it has been known for decades that it is dependent on the activity of solar flares on the sun’s surface and its resultant electromagnetic rays that reach the earth that result in temperature extremes and therefore weather and climate.
    Carbon nonsense was invented by Leftwing oliticians to justify carbon taxes to raise revenue because they know nothing about business and economics in raising revenue.

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