Open a tight jar without hurting your fingers and wrist with this easy trick

Does it annoy you when a jar is sealed so tightly that opening it is close to impossible? Some are
Photo credit: YouTube (DIY Hacks and How Tos 2).

Does it annoy you when a jar is sealed so tightly that opening it is close to impossible?

Some are so stuck that your fingers and wrist start cramping from all that twisting and that is bad news for those who have arthritis.

There are many tricks to make that jar easier to open such as heating up the cap with hot water and using laundry sheets for added grip.

You can also buy the products developed to solve this problem, but if you want to try a DIY trick, you can improvise with a material that you might have at hand – duct tape.

Here’s how to do it:
Step 1: Wrap the duct tape around the lid. Tear off a strip of duct tape that is about one foot long.
Step 2: Fold the duct tape “tail” to make it easier to hold on to.
Step 3: Pull the tape in the “open” direction with one hand firmly on the body of the jar. Done!

Watch this video to see how it’s done…

How do you normally open tough jars?

  1. I put a jar (with contents) into the deep freezer for a few minutes – take it (jar) out of the deep freezer then with a dry teal towel (holding the bottom of the jar) and dry tea towel wrap around the lid – twist and should remove easily enough.

    • Dennis Hewitt  

      It figures. I presume the freezer causes the jar to contract a little, maybe a bit more than the metal lid does.

  2. Lesley  

    I just tap the side of the lid on a chopping board once or twice. Breaks the seal and the lid opens. Thanks to my engineer son

  3. insert the handle of a spoon or tip of a table knife under edge of lid and lever gently. breaks te seal.

  4. Phil Owens  

    My wife has a jar opener, she just hands the jar to me.

  5. tap around the edge of the lid with a knife handle. You will hear a change of tone when the seal breaks. Then just open normally.

  6. Barbara Preston  

    It is the containers that you have to push down and twist that get me baffled.

  7. Dawn  

    I have a plastic jar lid lifter that cost me about $6. So good that I bought my girls one each.

    • Marlee  

      I think it’s called a Jarkey. I use mine often

  8. Kutica  

    You have to break the air lock and Dawn’s solution is by far the easiest and best. My little hard plastic air lock breaker – resembling a bottle opener – is stocked in most homewares stores.

  9. Fran  

    Best way. Stand the jar upside down in a little hot water covering the lid for 30 sec. Presto open!

  10. Val  

    Cut a large square of non slip material used for drawers etc. Then simply put over lid you want to open and twist and you won’t hurt your hand or wrists. This works every time for me .

  11. Mary Adsett  

    Turn the glass jar upside down , holding the jar with one hand on bottom and sides…. bang on floor or bench fairly hard turn back to right side up and twist lid … repeat if necessary… be careful not to leave mark on bench or floor … or bang it so hard that the glass jar breaks ….

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