Your favourite shows might not be returning to TV in 2017

Earlier this year Starts at 60 brought you the story of the ABC’s new push to appeal to more than

Earlier this year Starts at 60 brought you the story of the ABC’s new push to appeal to more than just “every preschool and aged care facility”. It raised concern because so many over-60s are loyal watchers of the programs the ABC likes to broadcast.

Michelle Guthrie, managing director of the ABC, took over in May and part of her role was to make sure ‘Aunty’ appealed to all Australian audiences.

What that means is that some of the dramas, comedies and factual shows you know and love might not be making a return to the small screen in 2017… At least not on the ABC anyway.

Which shows are in the firing line though?

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, several television shows are yet to get the nod for 2017’s line-up. Head of television Richard Finlayson spoke with the newspaper and revealed the following:

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries: “We’d love Phryne to come back but at this stage, no.” Finlayson says Essie Davis, who plays the show’s title character, is focussing on an international career.

Rake: “Can’t say yet,” Finlayson says. The popular legal drama featuring Richard Roxburgh as Cleaver Greene had its fourth season air on the ABC earlier this year, and just as fans were getting into the pace of things, it ended with gasps for more!

Are you a #CleaverBeliever? #Rake

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First Tuesday Book Club: Now known as The Book Club, it will be back in 2017. Hosted by Jennifer Byrne the program is in its 10th season (can you believe it?!) and is highly regarded for bringing together booklovers from all over Australia.

Kitchen Cabinet: A unique look at the lives of Australia’s politicians is unlikely to be seen on screens in 2017. “At the moment we don’t have it in the schedule. That’s about working with [host Annabel Crabb]. But the focus this year is on Open House [Crabb’s new show].”

Confirmed for the 2017 calendar of programs at the ABC are new seasons of Janet King, The Doctor Blake Mysteries, Glitch, Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell, Utopia, Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery, and The Weekly with Charlie Pickering.

Do you enjoy any of the shows being planned for 2017? What do you think about those not in the pipeline? What would you like to see more and/or less of on Australian television?

  1. Marj  

    Shame about ‘Miss Fisher’s Mysteries’.

    Top class act from the very beginning!


      yes Miss Fishers mysteries and Dr Blake first class shows

  2. Marj  

    At least, ‘Dr Blake’s Mysterires’, Series 5, will be aired 2017.

  3. Jill Austin  

    Glad Dr Blake is returning upset about Miss Fisher but understand Essie is doing very well overseas.We need the s…. and giggles of Rake, besides Richard Roxborough is good eye candy.The rest I do not watch rather read a good book than talk about it !

    • Geraldine  

      Ooooooohhhh, Richard Roxburgh!

      Yes, Jill, he’s definitely ‘eye candy’…..he’s also a damn good actor!
      Have followed his career for years’.

      Did you see him in movie ‘Oscar & Lucinda’?

  4. joan prentice  

    I won’t miss any of them !

    • Melanie  

      Oh! Joan……so what’s your ‘calibre’ of Aussie tv shows?……google box or home & away?

  5. desleigh clarke  

    PULEEEZ don’t let them axe the British detective series, one of my regular TV genres.

  6. Elaine Henderson  

    IMO Miss Fisher had reached her use by date, so I don’t have a problem with that. But really ABC, don’t let your loyal viewers down.

  7. I am absolutely fed up with the ABC. This year has been full of repeats. I have been a fan of Auntie for many years, however some nights I don’t even turn on the TV,

    • Charlotte  

      You must therefore miss many a good show on the commercial tv stations!

  8. And what about Catalyst? Why is the ABC paring away such interesting and informative programmes? Why don’t the decisions makers seek feedback from their viewers before wielding the axe?

  9. Carole  

    Omg cleaver has to come back! He has a cult following! If rake doesnt come back ill never watch the abc again!!!!!

  10. Guy Flavell  

    The ABC’s programming is pretty abysmal and we don’t seem to be getting much quality return for our taxpayer dollar any more. Very little Australian drama sadly and the ‘comedy’ offerings being a complete joke … ‘Bogans’ being an insult to our intelligence. And where has the sport gone ??? Thank heavens they haven’t axed ‘Poldark’ which is absolutely brilliant.
    It seems blatantly apparent that the program emphasis is currently based on providing as much left-wing biased product as possible … THE ABC IS A BLOODY DISGRACE !!!

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