Would you let this warning scare you off?

As ANZAC day approaches Australians are being warned to think twice about travelling to Gallipoli to pay their respects to

As ANZAC day approaches Australians are being warned to think twice about travelling to Gallipoli to pay their respects to our fallen soldiers.

Thousands of Aussies planning to visit the famous site for the dawn service are being urged to reconsider their travel plans over fears of a terrorist attack occurring in the region.

The warning has come as a huge blow to many who were hoping to make the trip to honour our brave servicemen and women and has prompted some to question whether we should let terrorists scare us away from doing what we want.

The federal government has told people to “reconsider their need to travel” to Turkey in the wake of a spate of recent terrorist attacks in the country.

There are fears the service at Gallipoli could become the target of an attack and that anyone travelling through Turkey’s capital Istanbul could get caught up in the danger.

Following the warning, many people have come out to say they won’t let the fear of an attack keep them away.

Europe has already seen a decline in tourism due to fears of a terrorist attack in the region, with recent events in Brussels only adding to the issue.

Experts have repeatedly said that giving into the fear is exactly what terrorists want, and say although people need to exercise caution in particular areas they shouldn’t let the fear of an attack keep them from doing what they want.

Rod White, president of the New South Wales branch of the RSL, has urged people to heed the government’s advice due to the high degree of danger around the issue, but steered clear of warning people off all together.

“If the federal government is going to conduct a dawn service at Gallipoli, then that should give you the lead of whether you should go there,” he told SMH.

“Unless the government says don’t go to Gallipoli, then plan your trip, but be sensible about it.

“The RSL encourages veterans and the broader community to at least monitor the federal government advice on the current assessment of any particular country, particularly if you’re making a pilgrimage associated with our military heritage.”

Would you still attend a dawn service if the government issued a warning about it? Would the fear of a terrorist attack make you think twice about going on holiday?

  1. Trish  

    Absolutely not. Nothing should stop us respecting our army personnel. Even the warning makes me more likely to go!

  2. people can respect the fallen of gallipolli invasion at home in Australia.
    Why do we need this constant glorification of war in Turkey is beyond me.
    This invasion had nothing to do with our freedom or any other noble cause.
    Neither did the invasions of Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq….

    • james  

      You had me going for a minute Georges. Then I remembered it was April Fools Day. Look in the mirror and you will see him.

    • I understand what you are saying.. but I was lucky enough.. thanks to my late father.. to have trip to turkey.. my host family made sure I got to Gallipoli.. and I can not describe the feeling.. has to be experienced to understand.. something I never thought I would experience in my life time.

  3. They havent been warned against travelling to Gallipoli.. but against visiting or staying in Istanbul or Ankara.. I have been to Turkey.. and Gallipoli and it is along way from both these cities.. U can stay elsewhere.. sadly most guided tours do go from Istanbul.. but there are also tours from Canakkale.. where Gallipoli is located.. a beautiful city with lost of history to see ..

  4. Veronica  

    We are not glorifying war Mr Jereby, just the men & women who gave up their youth, & often their lives, to fight for our country (that’s you, me & our families). Whilst war is horrifying and disgusting, I, personally, have the highest regard & respect for people who have given their lives (one way or the other) for us.

  5. Why is it that we cannot be truthful about the fear of terrorism , it would appear to PC to mention the M if I words. It us only Islamic terrorists attacking that perhaps may stop people from travelling to the ceremony. That would of stop me from going as us the truth we have a problem with Islam. Turkey needs to get rid of it prime Islamic prime minister.

  6. greenwbt  

    I’m not scared off, I’m going to Gallipoli in September not on ANZAC Day. Although not as crowded I don’t think the security will be as tight and it could be more dangerous. I have always wanted to go and as my grandfather was in the 1st AIF a hundred years ago, I will be going to the battlefields of France & Belgium also.

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