Woman shocked by what she found in her supermarket lettuce

We’ve all heard and read the stories about people finding things in their supermarket groceries – from maggots in roast
Can you spot what's wrong with this lettuce? Source: Facebook

We’ve all heard and read the stories about people finding things in their supermarket groceries – from maggots in roast chicken to spiders in salad.

But the latest case has many on social media scratching their heads and asking, how did that get in there?

A woman has posted a video on the Coles Facebook page, claiming she found a frog in her packet of lettuce.

Yes, that’s right, a frog in her packet of lettuce!

Linda Latinaa claimed she found the frog in the bottom of her strainer after washing her lettuce last night.

“I was a little shocked concerned that the frog was dead,” she wrote.

“To my surprise the frog was alive as per the video attached. I’m very appalled with the situation after the recent break out of from packaged lettuce, you would think that the produce would be triple checked prior to being released to the store.

“I expect an explanation as to how this has happened and how you plan to remedy this so it doesn’t happen again. I’m happy to be able to have rescued the frog but am still pretty disgusted at what’s just happened.”

Don’t believe it?

Well, watch the video below and make up your own mind.

You might be wondering what Coles had to say about the croaky little lettuce hopper?

Well, the company responded to the post, claiming they were “concerned to see this”.

“Could you please confirm which of our stores you bought this salad from? We’d appreciate a private message with some further photos of the barcode, best before date, any other numbers or letters you can see stamped on the packaging, and your best contact number as we’d like to get in touch with you to discuss this further?,” the company wrote in the comments on the post.

What do you think about this? Is it for real or a hoax? What would you do if you found a frog in your lettuce?


  1. elena  

    I love all animals but I do not like much some of them however, I would never harm any creature. And by the way I AM VEGAN!!! Frogs especially don’t like and if I see one near of me run as fast and as far away I could. So if I see a frog in my hose, let alone in my food, I would certainly have a heart attack…and perhaps die from that.

  2. GeeDee  

    Yes they’d appreciate a private message regarding the store you bought this from LOL I bet they would!

  3. Kez  

    The woman complaining about the frog can’t be serious. Where does she think the lettuce was grown….probably in a hydroponic facility which would be a mecca for frogs. I cannot believe how incredibly precious consumers can be. The little frog should be recued and put outside in a damp spot. Now if there was a human finger in the lettuce, that would be a reason to complain.
    Grow up and get a life lady. And laugh about it as well!!!!!

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