Why do we accept this bizarre double standard?

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here was one of Australia’s top-rating shows last year, and its hosts Julia Morris

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here was one of Australia’s top-rating shows last year, and its hosts Julia Morris and Chris Brown are considered Network Ten gold. Despite this though, some viewers have pointed out a bizarre double standard.

Dr Chris Brown is presented as a wide-eyed, well-meaning veterinarian. At the same time though, Julia Morris seems like an overzealous “cougar” who persistently makes suggestive comments about her co-host.

“Chris is totally obsessed with me”, Julia has said in the past. Along with remarking that “clothing is optional” and that Chris’s body is “distracting”.

This seems to be a strange contradiction on behalf of Network Ten. Last month, Melbourne Renegades cricketer Chris Gayle was fined $10 000 for flirting with a sports reporter on camera.

“Hopefully we can win this game and we can have a drink after”, Gayle told Network Ten reporter Mel McLaughlin at the time. “Don’t blush baby”.

Gayle’s comments were immediately put through the public wringer, with many people criticising him for making “sexist” remarks and “unwanted advances”.

Why then, is Julia Morris’s pursuit of Chris Brown so easily accepted? One Network Ten executive has even said, “Julia is like a heat seeking missile and Chris is her closest target”.

Imagine if these roles were reversed! As one Australian TV viewer pointed out, “I have patiently waited for Julia Morris to stop sexually harassing Dr Chris Brown. I assumed it was part of the act”.

“However she went further and further until she introduced herself as his wife. The next episode Chris cited sexual harassment… My comment to the directors of this show: Sexual harassment is never funny”.

Columnist Jackie Sinnerton has also weighed in on this awkward innuendo: “I wonder how the message behind this uncomfortable barrage of banter translates in the real world?”

“Sadly, there are people who every day are dealing with unwanted sexual attention. Their lives are a living hell and by no means is it funny”.

“The messages of what is an appropriate level of flirting on our screens are so mixed that I am seeing stars”, Ms Sinnerton adds.

On the other hand, one online comment urged Aussies to simply have a laugh: “Maybe most Australian men still have a sense of humour and aren’t always looking for something to get offended by?”

Where do you stand? Are we seeing a double standard on Australian TV screens? Or is the banter between Julia Morris and Chris Brown just good fun?

  1. I gave up on Chris Brown ages ago. He’s sold his body to Channel 10. Hard to take him seriously when you see some of the things he is obviously contracted to do. Must be getting very very well paid

    • I really loved him when he was “just a vet”, doing wonderful work with animals. But now he’s just a tool. Gone right off him.

    • But he’s the one laughing all the way to the bank, he’s just playing the system & his vet show is very popular as well.

    • Lyn Bradford definitely laughing all the way to the bank. He’s obviously happy to do it though.

  2. A TV ad stated “live from Africa” (although I must admit I only ever saw it once!). How could that be when it’s heavily edited and Chris Brown was seen on TV in Australia at the same time? More false advertising?

  3. I wonder how Chris Brown feels? Is he embarrassed? I know my husband would be. Does he put up with it because it gets good ratings and the powers that be are happy with that? I have never watched this show but reading this article made me squirm. I find this sort of behaviour by a member of my sex demeaning, degrading and disgraceful. Then maybe he thinks it is all good fun. I would like to hear how he really feels about being subjected to this sort of behaviour.

    • I don’t watch the show either.
      I am never amused by sexist or demeaning “humour”. It is degrading to the subject of the “jokes”, and the “joke” teller alike. People should show respect to others no matter what their genders.

    • Oh don’t be so politically correct they’re just having a bit of fun. He certainly doesn’t seem to mind its just part of the show. There is so many boring old farts out there loosen up.

  4. Reality shows not my scene. Too many of them and very little content in any of them. Rather read a good book now.

  5. Oh for gods sake, it’s a TV show, he’s a big boy, I’m sure if he was offended by it he would speak up, from what I’ve seen he goes along with it.

  6. I don’t have a problem with this. what I do have a problem with is that it is rumoured that Shane Warne is being paid 2 million dollars to be on this show. Yet the final prize is $100000 to the winners favourite charity. The other celebraties are also being paid hugh amounts. If Channel 10 can afford to pay out all this money to the celebs then surely they can afford a lot more as final prize money for charities.

    • I don’t have a problem with it either, but I don’t watch the show. It’s not my sort of show

    • Yes Ruth. Picture of society isn’t it? Things are all the wrong way round these days. Remember when celebs donated appearance time if it was a charitable event!

  7. It is completely and utterly wrong. For one reason!

    That if it was a female instead of male the fake moral outrage of the feminist writers would be heard all the way around the world.

    Mia Freedman, Clemintine Ford, and co would be in conniptions.

    So whilst I have no issue with it on the show, I have issues with the lack of fake moral outrage of the feminists writers and their followers.

    They claim feminism is all about equal treatment, but they show by their actions they are lying!

    • A lot of what you say is just plain tripe. However, as a female, I cringe every time I see the ads and certainly don’t watch the show – the ads put me right off!

    • What parts are tripe?

      because it is true, and I have evidence of Mia and Clemintines posts about ads where women are presented in this light.

      Both are scripted, these ads and those ads. and yet not a word from either of them in this instance.

  8. I’ve never watched this but catching the ads has convinced me to give it a big miss.

  9. The network should be fined for false advertising. The show is named “I’m a celebrity…………………….” “I’m a B lister in need of a payday.” If ever you needed proof that if you take crap someone will make sure you get all the crap you need this is it. Chris Brown has been used as a “pretty boy” on almost every program he’s appeared in. He’s a one trick pony and it’s all he’s got. Morris is the funniest person in her own lounge. Could I suggest “You Get A Life And Get Out Of There.”

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