Why China’s terrifying new meat plan is cause for alarm…

Most of us will remember when Dolly the sheep was cloned two decades ago, but now China has grand plans

Most of us will remember when Dolly the sheep was cloned two decades ago, but now China has grand plans to open a cloning farm for cows, horses and even dogs. This frightening concept could become a reality by next year.

In a press release, Chinese company Boyalife said the farm will “produce 100,000 cattle embryos a year initially, eventually increasing to 1 million”. The press released also stated, a “main building is already under construction and due to be put into use in the first half of 2016”.

Boyalife describes itself as “the leading stem cell industrial” group in the world. The company’s chairman Xu Xioachun said cloning is necessary, because “Chinese farmers are struggling to produce enough beef cattle to meet market demand”.

In addition to beef cattle, Biotech intends to clone sniffer dogs, pet dogs and racehorses. According to press releases, its cloning farm will be “the largest such facility worldwide” and will include “a gene storage area”.

This is not Boyalife’s first foray into controversial cloning practices. According to its website, Boyalife and co-venturer Sooam Biotech successfully cloned three Tibetan mastiff puppies last year.

In September, the European Union voted to make cloned animal meat illegal. This has clearly not stopped Chinese cloning practices, with Boyalife citing “more and more companies have shown interest in investing in the technology”.

Would you eat beef from a cloned cow? Do you believe that cloning animals is unethical, or the way of our future?


  1. I have no problem with it, it is the only way that meat and some animals maybe available in the future.

  2. Absolutely not, it’s becoming more difficult every day to know the truth about our food chain, what has been modified and what has not.

  3. How are they going to grow the cloned cattle? I can’t see a huge advantage to producers if they grow in utero. I’d like more detail.

  4. China has very different health regulations around food. Even in the western world what they are doing to our food is frightening. I try very hard not to buy food products from China

  5. No it could lead to all sorts of new health issues. I don’t buy any food made in China

  6. Well Dolly didn’t last long , she had to be euthanized, she only lived half her normal life span due to disease linked with old age, I don’t think I would be wanting to eat a diseased old cow even if it was young and cloned

  7. We eat less meat every day because of adulteration and the humane aspect of factory farming which is a blight on humanity!

    • Agree about factory farming. It is inhumane when animals become commodities. Animals should be given the dignity of a natural life even if they are destined to be food.

    • We have a small farm and keep a few cattle. We do eat our own meat but our cattle are free range all their lives. We also retire them. We have one old cow who occasionally surprises us with a calf but not every year. I still feel sad when one of my boys goes off. We sell cows on but usually to friends and neighbours.

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