Who won the presidential debate?

The world has just witnessed the presidential debate between Democratic presidential nominee and former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
According to a public poll, this is who really won.

The world has just witnessed the presidential debate between Democratic presidential nominee and former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Republican nominee, businessman Donald Trump. This was the first for three debates Mr Trump and Mrs Clinton will take part in before the Nov. 8 general election. The big question is, who won this debate?

According to a Quinnipiac University poll released just hours before Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump met, Mrs Clinton led Mr Trump, 47 percent to 46 percent. However, in the Bloomberg Politics survey, Trump emerged winner.


Despite the Twitter poll results by Bloomberg, majority political observers think Hillary Clinton dominated the final series of debate exchanges with Donald J. Trump on national security and gender Hillary also made clear the reason why voters they cannot not trust her opponent with nuclear weapons and warning that he does not respect women, reports NY Times.

Mr. Trump hammered Mrs. Clinton early on in the debate for her past support for foreign trade deals and her political insider status, but soon after that Mrs Clinton forced Mr. Trump onto the defensive for long periods of time and left him flabbergasted to respond to the charge of sexism.

“This is a man who has called women pigs, slobs and dogs, and someone who has said pregnancy is an inconvenience to employers,” Mrs. Clinton said.

Like her earlier attack on Mr. Trump for the “racist lie” that Barack Obama was not born in the United States, Mrs. Clinton’s attack showed her advantage on issues related to identity and inclusion. Mr. Trump had no particular rejoinder to her charge, noting in passing that some of his comments were “said in entertainment,” and that one of his targets had been Rosie O’Donnell.

Who is your favourite?

  1. Susan Marsh  

    I living in a different country have an unbiased opinion about American politics. I did watch the debate. I think Mr Trump was more relaxed and spoke well. He put forward some innovative ideas for the future of America. Whilst Hilary was over rehearsed was stiff and slow in some of her answers, in fact even her facial expressions had little change other than a superficial smile. She was more on the attack than him and I think that is something he could work on for the next debate. I think Trumps push that nothing will change rings more true, and the fact you do not tell your enemy what your plan is is a more adult and worthy view than publishing it on a web site. She never seems to learn from learn from her past breaches of security and email scandals. I would give the debate to Trump.

    • Roger Fitzpatrick  

      Hi Susan we are are all entitled to our point of view however I cannot accept that you are unbiased and, if you are, I cannot believe that you watched the debate. I have no time for either candidate, however one of is actually civilised and qualified forthe job, and the other is incredibly dangerous. Put your assets in the bank if your bloke gets up.

  2. Mary  

    Personally I doubt that Trumps ego would fit in the Whitehouse! I do not have much time for either of them but think that he was constantly ‘talking over’ not only Hilary Clinton but also the adjudicator and that is just plain bad manners. He also did a lot of ‘sniffing’ as if he had taken something. I always thought that it was under the Bush administration that America went into the middle east and Bush was a Republican.

    • That’s exactly what I thought about the sniffing Mary!
      Didn’t we go into Iraq on a lie of ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’
      In my opinion, Hilary was a clear winner on integrity, her demeaner, and her response to questions and attacks.

  3. Peter walkom  

    Regardless – may as well kiss our arses goodbye now.

    • Jan Foley  

      Not just your arses, but the arses of the entire world. How did that song go “goodbye cruel world were off to join the circus” ?? Well it will be. “hello circus goodbye beautiful world”. Give me Hilary any day over Trump. He is a very dangerous man.

  4. Tim  

    Oh I think Trump had Hilary on the ropes, it’s not so bad him winning, it’s the party behind him that will run the country not him personally.

  5. Cliff Bernard  

    If it was a choice between Trump and Kim Jong-un I admit I’d be torn. But this is a no-brainer for the intelligent voter.

  6. Bruce Taylor  

    Lord help us if Trump becomes president. He is a lunatic.
    I have also heard some people say that it would be good to have a successful business man run the country Don’t they know that he is a two time bankrupt?

    • Roger Fitzpatrick  

      Six times I believe and he pretty much said he was proud of it!

  7. Garry Harris  

    Trump’s bully boy actions and tactics demonstrated his inability to think clearly! I guess the ‘red neck’ brigade would see some merit in his tactics, but, like the rest of the world we need a clear thinker in the White House!

  8. Chad  

    While Trump isn’t the ideal, you have completely misunderstood what bankruptcy is.

    Trump has never been bankrupt. Not even close. He has about a thousand companies, and of the unsuccessful ones, he has let about six of them fall into bankruptcy so that he doesn’t have to absorb the outstanding liabilities.

    Almost every conglomerate does this when they have a diverse portfolio, from Disney to Vodafone.

    If you don’t have to worry about your credit rating (which you don’t if you’re a billionaire) then it’s a shrewd and sensible way to save costs on higher-risk ventures.

    Besides, here are a few people who actually did go personally bankrupt and were still wildly successful:
    – Walt Disney
    – Henry Ford
    – Abraham Lincoln

  9. Chaz Thomas  

    If this choice is the best America has to offer, God help the rest of the world. The American Presidency will go from being a world leader to a laughing stock.

  10. Joan Marshall  

    I am a woman and to be fair to Donald Trump there are some slobs among women. Dependent on men, use men, abuse men and then cry poor me. I have heard quite often Oh! he is a millionaire therefore I must marry him never for one moment wondering the quality of the millionaire with basics of honesty, respect, consideration all they are out for is if the marriage does not work they will get half of everything. I am disgusted with a lot of women.

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