What the hell happened to our Aussie Mary?

Click to play video above! When Mary Donaldson married Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark she promised Australia that although she

Click to play video above!

When Mary Donaldson married Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark she promised Australia that although she was moving halfway across the world, she would never forget her roots.

While this still may be true, it seems that Mary has completely forgotten her Aussie accent!

She was filmed chatting with reporters at an event in Rio, where she will be attending the Olympic Games, and from the video you can hear that her Aussie accent is gone and has been replaced with a strong Danish accent instead.

She even had trouble pronouncing some of the English words and had to repeat herself a few times until she got it right.

It’s not the first time Mary has struggled to speak English either. Nowadays, she is often heard with a strong Danish accent and at the Danish Crown Prince Couple’s Award she clearly fumbled through the English portion of her speech and accidentally started speaking Danish halfway through!

Realising what she’d done, Mary interrupted her self with a laugh, saying “Oh I just switched over Danish! It is the first year out of Denmark.”

Mary had to learn how to speak Danish when she married Frederik and has impressed people around the world with how quickly she picked it up.

She is beloved in Denmark for embracing their culture and working so hard to learn their language and customs.

But what about her Aussie heritage? When the reporter in Rio asked her who she would be supporting at the Games, Mary said she would support Australia unless they were competing against a Dane. Strewth!

What do you think about Mary’s new accent?

Is she losing touch with her Australian roots? Do you think it would be difficult to have to switch between the two languages?

  1. Margaret Mclean  

    For heavens sake she lives in Denmark now speaking their language the things people complain about my son lives in Canada has done for nearly seventeen years he has a Canadian accent so what leave Mary alone she is a beautiful person get over it

    • agree with margaret I went to America for 15 months swore I’d never sound like them common home heard an australian radio and laaughed like hell they sounded like popms yep you guessed it had a yank accent not as bad as some on my ship but had it lol if you live somewhere you will pick up some of the accent simple as that

    • Jeanette Grant  

      Absolutely. She will be the next Queen of Denmark , or at least the wife of the King and is a member of the Royal family. She would speak Danish to her children and husband so why would we be worried that she has a Danish accent

    • Jennifer Dellersmith  

      Very well said. I do wonder sometimes at the double standards. Mary has done a wonderful job of intergrating into her new home.

    • regina townsend  

      i agree, my god she lives in the country denmark 24/7 …i came to Australia knowing 3 languages…now i speak strine only

  2. Bette Campbell  

    Anyone who lives away from their roots for a number of years will lose their accent. I have never lived anywhere other than Australia but I have been asked where in England I come from. My grandmother was English but I never had a lot to do with her and she died when I was 8 and that was a long time ago.

  3. ema  

    I don’t understand this. I am an American that has lived in Australia for 17 yrs. I still sound American. I’ve known other people (Italian etc._) that have lived here for much longer, and they still have their accent too.

    • Bev Wilson  

      I migrated to Australia from the US in 1971. People here think I sound American and Americans think I sound Australian. When in reality it is a bit of a mish mash of both accents.

  4. Gail Dibley  

    OMG . Leave her alone. Who cares what accent she has. She is a credit to Australia and Denmark.

  5. Judith Perryn  

    Maybe if the second language is also English it is easier to keep the accent of your country of birth. My son has lived in Germany for 17 years and often finds it difficult to remember an English word. He speaks German at work and English at home. His wife teachers English and speaks German at home. She speaks German with a German accent. When she speaks English you would swear that she was English. The 3 children switch between the 2 languages and translate for the Australian and German Grandparents when we are all together.

  6. Sherrill McLauchlan  

    do you have nothing else to do, she is really lovely and so what, of course she is going to get an accent she is surrounded by Danes all day, I know of children with American accents just from watching Dora, get over it

    • Henrietta  

      I agree, no doubt Mary speaks Danish all the time through living there and hearing it all the time. She is now a Danish citizen as are her children. Lol, about Dora, my Grandchild sounds American when she talks. We are constantly asked if she lives there.

  7. Pepi49  

    Nothing better to do. A Beautiful person who loves her adopted country and they love her. get a life to those with nothing better to do but criticise

  8. Heather A  

    Yeah, let’s dump her – how dare she offend Starts at 60 by being more used to the language she speaks every day. Getting a bit sick of the trivia served up here, tbh.

  9. M Williams  

    I hear so much about people saying the refugees should embrace the Australian way of life and adopt our culture and now your complaining about Mary. Double standards.

  10. Leah  

    I agree with Margaret, for goodness sake leave her alone, and stop criticizing get a life.

  11. Leave the poor woman alone,she is now Danish royalty so she must speak their language to communicate with all of the Danes. She is doing a great job!

  12. Henrik Halby  

    If you for 1 moment think, that it is okey to pick on our Royal Highness the Crownprincess Mary – You are wrong.
    Judging by the comments I skimmed I believe you barked up the wrong tree so to speak.

    Here in Denmark we have a saying “Skik følge eller land fly” translated into english: ”
    “custom follow or country flee”.

    Our Crownprincess has embrassed Denmark and our traditions and worked extremly hard to learn a language there is closer to a throat disease than it is to a language she would be able to compare to.
    And she has done WELL.

    And picking on members of the Royal Family is just poor journalism.

    NB: I am sorry for any misspelling and syntax errors as english is my 5th language 😛

    • Dianne L. Louey  

      People are unbelievable of course she would pick up the Danish Accent. My sister lives overseas when she come home she has a heavy American accent also says things the American wa so what do you expect? Then if your speaking always a different language you forget english words

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