‘Too late to leave’: One injured, properties lost as NSW fires rage

Two people have been arrested for allegedly starting fires on purpose.
Warren Jarvis lost his property and his animals in the fire.

Police say they have made two arrests in relation to the fires burning across New South Wales, with devastating conditions over the weekend leaving one injured and properties destroyed.

Dozens of people were forced to flee their homes as the fires swept closer with one farmer saying his property and his animals were destroyed in the blaze.

Warren Jarvis told Fairfax his dogs, cats and cattle perished in the blaze after he was forced to evacuate without them.

“My house and all my property is totally gone,” he said.

“Three greyhounds, other cats, all my chooks, probably my sheep and cattle.”

While a southerly change overnight has brought some relief for firefighters, warnings are still in place for residents in the fire zone.

A number of blazes have been downgraded to watch and act.

NSW RFS commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons said it was a “difficult day” and vented his fury at the two people, a man, 40, and a boy, 13, who allegedly started two of the fires, calling it a “heinous act”.

“How dare they, how dare you. It’s a criminal act, it’s a dangerous act,” he said.

“You put the lives at risk of our firefighters, the vast majority of whom are out there doing it for free, simply to make a difference and protect their local community.”

There is hope that cooler temperatures today will allow firefighters to gain control of the blaze and rescue some properties under threat from damage.

Have you been following the story over the weekend? Have you or anyone you know been affected?

  1. Michele  

    When are we going to charge these people who start fires with attempted murder or murder (God forbid ) and then have sentences of life in jail?

    • Catherine Hill  

      I’m a fiery & believe me, if I caught someone deliberately lighting fires, you’d have to stop me killing them !


  2. Helen Simpson  

    Attempted murder. Cruelty to animals. Lock them up for a long time.

  3. Therese  

    I repeatedly hear about “the full force of the law” being applied to these arsonists – but do we actually hear about anyone being charged and sentenced “to the full force of the law” – wake up magistrates!!!

    • they deserve the full force of the law, both old enough to know what they were doing hence, do the crime do the time Mongrels

  4. Kaye Brown  

    Singapore is safe! Get with it Australia! Our laws are so weak.

  5. stu  

    Put them to work fire fighting. If they happen to get a bit close….no great loss !

  6. Maureen  

    I believe the poor man actually says he lost 33 greyhounds, not 3, (listen closely to what he says), plus all his other animals. I feel so sorry for him at his loss. I live in a high fire-risk area, in outer Sydney. Losing my animals would be a greater loss than the house to me, I’d never get over it, The arsonists generally get away with light sentences because of do-gooder lawyers and psychologists, as the perpetrators claim to have have psychological problems causing them to light fires. There should be non-negotiable mandatory sentences for arson.

  7. Jennifer Anderson  

    Arsonists should, as part of their sentence, be made to visit a burns unit, witness burned stock and wild animals being put down, and help with the disposal and cleanup. These people should witness this poor man’s anguish when he returns to his property. Yes, they’re mentally ill – they’re called psychopaths.

  8. Josephine B  

    Jennifer Anderson your thoughts would only be thoughts to them because they have NO RESPECT for others let alone themselves. They like to get the thrill of the flames and then stand back to watch the fire-fighters go through the agony of trying to douse the fires (not just flames). They DO need to be made accountable for their actions, but the problem then is that our MAGISTRATES ARE TOO SOFT AND LENIENT to these perpetrators. As others have said they should be charged with MANSLAUGHTER and/or MURDER since they knowingly and willing go out to start the fires. I’d incarcerate them for LIFE whether for animal or person, they are our fresh air thieves. For years my brother and two sons have all been volunteer fire-fighters so I know what they go through physically and mentally.

  9. Diana Ford  

    I have not been able to forget this lovely mans sad face and story of loss since he was featured on the news last night. Is there a fund to which we can contribute to help him…please?

  10. Don  

    These people who get pyscho reports and dogood legals are smart enough to kn

    .These people who get help with psycho reports and do good legals know that it isn’t worthwhile lighting fires in the winter because they won’t burn but are smart enough to know that when the firedanger days are at their worst they can be successful in creating mayhem and will see firefighters doing their best to save both lives and property. Getting sympathetic mental reports are usually just an act and a means to lower court sentences.

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