Tony Abbott’s ousting cost taxpayers how much!?

We knew Tony Abbott’s dismissal from the Prime Ministership wasn’t going to be easy, however the figures released yesterday about how

We knew Tony Abbott’s dismissal from the Prime Ministership wasn’t going to be easy, however the figures released yesterday about how much it cost taxpayers is difficult to hear.

According to The Daily Telegraph, dumping Tony Abbott cost taxpayers $3.3 million in termination payouts for axed Liberal staffers, including his chief of staff Peta Credlin.

But this isn’t the first time we’ve had to pay for the revolving door of prime ministers: it’s cost voters over $10 million following the ousting of Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott despite them all being elected by the very same people who paid to see them leave.

The $3.3 million price tag for the 90 departing staff was confirmed by multiple senior government sources, claims News Corp.

The most costly successful leadership ballot was in 2013 when Kevin Rudd took back his job as PM – it cost taxpayers $3.4 million in payouts for terminating Julia Gillard and sacking 82 staff.

So we want to know today: can you put a price on getting rid of Tony Abbott? Or was it unfair and never should have happened in the first place? Let’s talk.

  1. I’d LOVE for my countries, Canada & the U.S. to be able pay to get rid of who the dumbed down elected in…PM Trudeau & POTUS Obama. At least I’d have had some say in how my taxes paid were utilized…

    • But in America you have to be impeached to get them out Tony Abbott did nothing wrong really just made a few wrong decisions like…. That is being made now.

      • Rikda  

        Well he did lie to parliament.
        He also lied to the Australian people.
        He admitted that he lied.
        He also admitted that he was glad he did.
        Then there’s the elephant under the carpet of over a dozen members, including himself, that are in conflict with the constitution having been born elsewhere but after repeated calls, have not provided the required renouncement forms to comply with 44 i , which may well have made the entire Federal process illegal & in a shambles.
        It was a minor clerical requirement but a major legal necessity. They didn’t care.
        By their supine compliance, no member of parliament escapes these issues.
        History will treat this period of our political march as one of indecent neglect arrogance & incompetence.

    • Impeachment takes the entire Congress. Bill Clinton got impeached By the House (435) but the Senate (100) didn’t agree. He got to stay on. Hard to get 535 Congressmen & women to agree what day it is, never mind an impeachment. Seems the proper way would be to hold a special election, let the people decide. They voted them in, let them vote them out.

  2. Never quite understood that convenient little loophole which allows a prime minister to be chucked out when in fact the citizens of Australia elected them. As for the cost of all this it is scandalous and makes light of all the people who are doing it tough.

    • I don’t agree he led the Liberal campaign when we voted they still have the same decisions same policies thecparty voted against him and one by one vote(one backstabber)???? Afraid of losing their position in parliament.I wasn’t a Tony fan but i think he genuinely cared and took his role seriously just lacked charisma and understanding he trod on people’s toes in high places and they did their best to fet rid of him.

    • Fay Biddle I agree he genuinely cared for Aus. He could brush up on his PR skills though.

    • It is hardly a loop hole it is a major part of our political system. We only vote for our local member, which ever party receives the most votes or can form a coalition to give them the numbers then form government. They then appoint PM and ministers who are sworn in by the GG. That the parties have leaders we like or dislike can certainly influence our vote, but it is no Loop Hole that the party can change its leader but an intrinsic part of our political system. The Party leader after all may not actually get voted in by their electorate and it is then irrelevant who the rest of Australia thinks they are voting for as PM.

    • Barbara is right – the party votes for it’s leader in this country, we do not. We might base our vote on our preferred leader when we vote for our local representative, but we have no say in who the Parties vote for as leader. This is not America.

    • HS  

      The majority of voters voted for individual local federal members of parliament Australia wide not for Tony Abbott. Tony Abbott was elected by the party members to be the leader of the Liberal Party and when the Liberal Party candidates won the majority votes he was elevated to be the prime minister not by the people but by his own party members. The Liberal party is still there it has not been ousted, the leader of the party was ousted and replaced with another leader who took over the prime ministership. That’s how the system works.

  3. The system is disgusting all we are doing is filling these greedy politicians pockets If we didn’t pay them so much we would be in a better position financially It’s their fault our country is going broke Its time for a big clean out of the filthy rich Don’t you all get it ? They are using us to get rich I am never voting again
    There is not one of them I can trust

    • HS  

      Communist governments all over the world also sent their countries broke. Communist minded lefties in Australia posing as Greens and Labor who think they can run this country better are deluding themselves. Conversely neo-fascist right wing politicians are there for their own selfish and greedy interest. Both sides, far left and far right will send Australia broke.

  4. Not surprised at the costs. Not worth it any of them. Australia seems to want to change leaders like dirty socks. None of them are worth anything. They are all parasites on the tax payers purse and they don’t give a shit about anyone but themselves and their pensions!

  5. pamela vorbach  

    worth every cent !!!!!

  6. The whole thing is a rort and the next person they elect as PM, retires on a PM’s pension too, I was reading yesterday that Alexander Dower had a dinner for Abbott and Credlin in London AFTER Abbott was ousted costing $350 per head. That is all taxpayers money and they have the bloody hide to want to cut pensions and cut the disabled. There is no morality in our Political system

  7. They are all a Bunch of Backstabbing arseholes : not Voting anymore 😈😈😈

    • HS  

      But you have to turn up at the voting place to have your name ticked off that you voted…what you do and how you fill out the forms is up to you… If you don’t turn up you will get a fine notice…

  8. The liberal party should of payed that tab not tax payers

  9. athol  

    All politicians should be paid the minimum wage rate. That way at least they can justify their incompetence. And/or play musical chairs every so often. I think they all battle to make a sandwich in a bakery. More than likely butter the bread on the wrong side.

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