Tony Abbott sent to emergency department after surfing accident

Former prime minister Tony Abbott is still as active as ever, but it looks like he’ll need to start taking

Former prime minister Tony Abbott is still as active as ever, but it looks like he’ll need to start taking a little more care out in the water.

Mr Abbott was out enjoying his morning surf yesterday when the fin on his board rammed into his foot, causes a deep gash.

He had to go to Manly Hospital where they stitched him up as good as new.

Talking to a Sydney radio station later that day he said he didn’t even realise he was hurt that badly until after he got out of the water.

“I am absolutely fine … there’s no better way to start the day than to get wet,” he said.

He later sent a message of thanks on social media to the hospital staff who sewed him up.

“A big thank you to the ED staff at Manly Hospital for patching me up this morning after a minor fin chop,” he wrote.

While wait times in hospitals around the country can be hours, many have taken the chance to have a dig at the former PM, asking him how long he had to wait to have his cut attended to.

“I had to wait for over an hour in agony in the ED last year when I was sick… wonder how long Tony had to wait for a couple of stitches. I’m guessing not long,” said one.

“Do you really need to go to the emergency for stitches? I thought GPs did that,” said another.

Do you have a well wish for Tony Abbott? Do you think something need to be done about wait times in hospitals?

  1. Why didn’t they stitch up his mouth while they had him there ??

    • Angie B  

      Oh, naughty, Ken. But I love it!

      • morna kenworthy  

        Why would you consider a personal insult to an individual….something to love?

    • Robert Holmes  

      Why don’t you stick your head up your bum and then we won’t have to suffer your stupid crap remarks!

    • Jenny  

      Same reason they have not stopped your fingers on the keyboard. No need to react negatively to everything. Try being positive and have a good day.

    • Anna  

      I could say something nasty about you fingers, but on second thought why lower myself into the same level of low gutter negativity as yourself.

  2. Lorraine  

    What a lot of nasty people there are in this world

    • Jan White  

      Well Lorraine some of the comments are warranted. It just points out the inequality of someone who feels they are important being attended to straight away to someone who is an unknown waiting 2-3 hours. And also he should have gone to his local GP for his care.
      Hospitals are for serious accidents and emergencies. But having said that there will be more patients soon queueing up for care with the Coalition’s policy of a co-payment by stealth. Refusing to increase the GP’s rebate will see hospital waiting times blow out even more. If only Tony undersood economics he would realise it’s false economics to starve the GP’s of a rebate as then the hospitals get overloaded and the cost to the hospital system will be enormous. Ho hum. But of course Tony and Malcolm think they are saving money. I wonder if Tony paid for his hospital attendance as he’s the one who believes in user pays.

    • John Brants  

      Sure are , headed by the likes of Abbott ,Abetz, Cormann ,Dutton etc.

    • SUSAN  

      There certainly are nasties out there. Whether you agree with his political beliefs or not this is a man who believes in this country and it’s people. He was continually savaged by Julia Gillard and Co. He gives generously of his time to Community Organisation’s without seeking recognition when others do little and expect a lot. He should be looked after. It was an accident after all. Also the lack of respect from nuff nuffs for a former leader of our country is disgusting show some respect people.

    • Ruby Walker  

      Yes Lorraine and he is one of them.

  3. R green  

    Stay healthy Tony. We will need you when the party wakes up to the fact they are being led by a selfserving labour plant who has only his interests at heart including first president of Australia! Malcolm Turncoat, we DO NOT salute you!

  4. Keri Roberts  

    Where are all the great whites when you need them?

  5. ginnyjan  

    Most of these are legitimate comments. It just shows the inequity of the haves and have nots as I’m sure he was attended to promptly unlike the ordinary citizen who has to wait many hours. And no I’m not knocking the so called tall poppy syndrome as I’m very happy Mr Abbott can probably afford private health insurance.
    I just want to point out that A& E Depts are for serious accidents and emergencies.
    He could have gone to his GP and got the same treatment and paid for his visit like he wants low income people to do. The LNP mantra is user pays. It’s a pity he doesn’t understand economics as by not increasing the GP rebates for another three years his Govt is introducing a GP co-payment by stealth. This will just push more patients into attending an A& E Dept thus costing twice as much on the already overworked hospital system. Health costs will sky rocket because if patients can’t afford to attend their GP’s they will just wait until they get much sicker and again it will cost more on the health system. With any luck the staff at Manly Hospital might have given him a few clues.

    • Heather Jennings  

      GPs don’t stich you up hospital out patients do. People are seen in AE on needs basis as a lot of people go to hospital with minor problems that could be fixed at a chemist or GP. If he was bleeding etc naturally he would be attended first. Not someone with tooth ache or a cold

      • Ruby Walker  

        There are plenty of medical centres who attend to minor injuries such as his self inflicted one.
        Abbott is a serial drop in artist-and a very poor surfer.A very bad combination.
        The Northern Beaches can breathe a collective sigh of relief not to have this entitled kook in the water while his stitches are in.

  6. Joan Marshall  

    Comments like I have just read make me wonder why people waste their time picking on an ex Prime Minister. It was only a small job for the Doctors why all this fuss. I think the Labor Party people need to start thinking out side the square.

  7. Anne  

    It’s little wonder our country is in such a mess, with people like some of the commenters here. You’re a disgrace!

    • Ruby Walker  

      That’s hilarious. The country is a mess because of Abbott.
      You are a moron.

  8. Marie  

    I would imagine any ex PM walking (or hobbling) into ED would be attended to ASAP. Why don’t people get off his back for God’s sake, you hounded him until the fool took over and still at it. Leave him be and get a life!

    • Sue  

      My sentiments entirely……don’t know about you….but my GP doesn’t work Saturdays!! Get a life you nasty people!!

  9. Lorraine Walker  

    Yes absolutely …Take care Tony!

  10. morna kenworthy  

    Are there groups of people who sit at their computer for hours a day just waiting for a name to be mentioned or an issue raised, so that they can write nasty and ill informed notes? Once we would address the issue, but now people just make knee jerk comments to fit in with their political affiliation, or pet cause or personal hatred of an individual. Without having the least awareness of the circumstances of a situation, they spew forth their negativity.
    By all means raise awareness of an issue that is important to a community or an individual….but address the issue….not the person!.

  11. Glenda  

    Did you read where it said early morning swim
    Maybe the doctors weren’t open
    Get over it people

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