Tony Abbott might be heading back to the front bench

In an unexpected turn of events, it looks like former Prime Minister Tony Abbott could be heading back to the

In an unexpected turn of events, it looks like former Prime Minister Tony Abbott could be heading back to the front bench if the government is re-elected.

Speaking to the media today, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said a number of party members would be pushing for Mr Abbott to be considered for cabinet, while Coalition sources told The Australian Financial Review there were calls for him to be given the Defence portfolio.

The news is in stark contrast with the agenda Mr Abbott has been campaigning on so far, repeatedly saying he is only focussed on being re-elected in his Warringah seat in NSW.

“I think some people will push for that and I think it is an issue for Malcolm Turnbull as it is for all of us that are ministers or want to be ministers in a Turnbull government,” Mr Dutton told Sydney’s 2GB radio.

“I think that’s a decision for the Prime Minister to make but the most important thing is for us to get re-elected.

“Tony will make a great contribution in public life, in Parliament, he’s a good friend to all of us and he wants Malcolm Turnbull to be re-elected as prime minister.

It’s a surprising revelation for many voters and has some wondering what other revelations are in store before election day.

Mr Abbott has been a dividing factor in the Liberal Party since his ousting last year, attracting a bevy of supporters and as well as a lot of criticism.

It’s expected the party will take the public reaction to this news into account when considering whether or not to re-instate Mr Abbott to the front bench.

Would like to see Tony Abbott back on the front bench? Or would you prefer him to stay in the background?

  1. Is this is what our Governments, Labor or the Coalition think about, re-hashing everything out of fear of losing. Abbott was disposed of just like others before him. How long do we have to put up with this rubbish, Mr A your friends kicked you out so take your bat and ball and go home. Governments govern time some one had a go.

  2. Charles  

    I hope he does get on the front bench and make a run for PM again. As a start get rid the back stabbers, ie. Bishop, Morrison etc then the country will be run by a true Liberal not a rich left wing imposter. He’s a more sincere, honest and better politician than Turncoat will ever be.

  3. Ian Foster  

    Tony has a lot to contribute and defence or treasury would be excellent portfolios. In spite of being an Abbott support Tony has baggage to leave behind which will impede his future. Turnbull would gain a lot of kudos working with Abbott and giving Tony a role would dampen the media speculations about leadership. Who knows, we might even get stable government despite media attempts to beat up stories.

    • I just pray for the sake of all Australians liberal labour and greens do not get in.i liked and voted Tony in but with Turnbull in and all his mates Tony to now it seems they will never get my vote one nation independent party have my vote

  4. Wendy Burton  

    Yes give him a front bench job he deserves one..Tony gave Turnbull a front bench seat.. Turnbull is frightened that Tony will challenge him…Tony had his faults yes but don’t they all. Tony promised he would do things for the county and it’s people and he did and just got on with he job he was there to do but now Turncoat is boasting about it and claiming as his own. Unfortunately, I think he will loose the election to Shorten. Turncoat is nothing but a show pony, has nothing to say and can’t answer questions straight from the hip..God help us if Labor get in we will be in a worse mess then we are now..

  5. Irene  

    Sounds good to me – he still has a lot to give.

  6. Noel Baxendell  

    There are a number of portfolios where the current Minister is clearly a dud. These include Indigenous Affairs and Abbott seems to have a genuine and log-term interest there.

    But isn’t the real problem that Tony was just an attack dog, willing to do anything (especially lie) to grab government. He lacked the leadership and managerial qualities needed to plan and run a government with all the economic complexities that that entails.

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