Tony Abbott: “I would have died happy”

Tony Abbott has spoken of how “he would have died happy” if it had been for one thing, and has

Tony Abbott has spoken of how “he would have died happy” if it had been for one thing, and has put to rest any doubts about Peta Credlin’s loyalty.

In an interview with Fairfax, the former PM said “If I’d been knocked over by a bus on the morning of the coup, I would have gone to the Pearly Gates and given an upbeat assessment”.

“I don’t believe we could have done much more or much better than we did. There was an enormous amount of solid achievement”.

These achievements, as he told the public on a number of occasions, were stopping the boats, the successful negotiation of trade agreements, and the royal commission into trade union corruption.

Mr Abbott said the problems his government had were not his fault alone: “I think it was a very successful government in spite of a feckless Senate, an irresponsible Labor Party, a poisonous media culture and well organised white-anting”.

When it comes to his former chief of staff Peta Credlin, he said she “is a tough operator. She has opinions and she tells you, sometimes vigorously. That’s what a PM’s chief of staff needs to do.

“It suited people who had a problem with me to say it was her. Ninety nine per cent of it was distortion or fiction”.

On the subject of the 2014 budget, the ousted PM was confident it was water tight, saying “We did manage to get $50 billion of savings in place”.

“I’m not sure what more I could have done”.

Tell us, do you think Tony Abbott can be proud of his government’s achievements over his near two-year term? Who is to blame for the failures? The media or the ministers?

  1. Bad luck he was pushed buy the liberal party , not buy the real voters. So stop bullshitting .its over. C.c.

  2. When will Mr Abbott stop denying the truth? He was the worst leader in Australian history. Mr Turnbull has not changed any of his policies, but doesn’t have his foot-in-mouth disease…but I am sure Labor voters are happy at his continued attempts at undermining Mr Turnbull 🌸

    • totally agree i was starting to be ashamed of being australian with a leader like that was really terrible so was his mate hockey theyu had no idea what they were doing

      • Snowwhite  

        No Abbott wins hands down. Couldn’t even pass any legislation unlike Julia Gillard who managed to pass over 600 pieces of legislation in a hostile minority Govt. Go figure!!

    • To those people knocking Julia Gillard, perhaps you better think before you comment..Gillard server a longer term than Abbott as PM, I will never forget the way Abbott attacked her when her father died. Abbott got what he deserved

    • Mr Abbott definitely got what he deserved for many reasons, but especially his treatment of Ms Gillard 🌸

    • You all mean Ms Gillard the criminal who should be in prison.

      • Snowwhite  

        Wendy Perrins only an ignorant uneducated Liberal supporter would make those comments. Not really worthy of a response as it’s impossible to argue with idiots!!

    • Wendy Perrins, your statement is libellous so hope you can back it up with proof 🌸

    • If as you say Turnbull hasn’t changed any of Abbotts policies then how can he be the worst PM – it must be just a personality issue. Surely policies are the most important for Australia. I certainly felt our country was better protected under Abbott but do agree he just didn’t have the knack of selling his policies to the people.

    • Pauline Egerton-Warburton, I said he was the worst leader, and yes, the policies are still crap…I am not fooled by Mr Turnbull and his Minister’s smoke and mirrors 🌸

    • Wendy Perrins
      And can you back up that statement with facts. Remember, she was cleared by the Royal Commission that Abbott organised to try and prove she was a criminal.

    • Pauline, we have been making comments about Abbott, not the Lnp. But if you think the Abbott policies are okay, I’d like to understand what’s good about them, Turnbull has different views but has been hobbled by his party. Unfortunately we are stuck with Abbott policies because some of his followers insisted on retaining them in exchange of dumping Abbott.

    • Can someone tell me why Abbott was so bad? He inherited a mess. Also a feral Senate. Tried to fix the mess. And somehow he is our worst ever … .. What a crock. Turnbull smiles and says nothing of substance and he pulls in 70%?? So that’s the secret. Put on a George Clooney impression and woo the media with Nespresso!! Give me strength.

      • Mia Van Der Stam  

        I agree with you, Leigh Compton

        • Jan Edwards  

          So do I Leigh, wholeheartedly

      • Snowwhite  

        Abbott was elected to govern regardless of what he supposedly inherited. He only governed for his rich mates. That was why he was knifed by his colleagues who were only worried about their own jobs.

    • People thinking like you Leigh Compton, you have answered your own question 🌸

    • Nice little Socialist aren’t you Anne, go troll another site or accept that everyone has the right to an opinion.

      • Snowwhite  

        Annette Francks as you have stated people are entitled to their opinions. I would far prefer a socialist than a Fascist supporter like yourself.

    • Annette Francks Anne is entitled to her opinion and many think she is right. And I don’t know about this Socialist crap you are waffling on with but I can promise you this , Anne is a very nice person and I feel honored to be her friend. Instead of sitting here Annette rubbishing what others have to say..why don’t you go try to make a few friends of your own take MargretteN Garre with you..your both like minded

    • Annette Francks…and your opinion is that I am a nice little socialist…nice one…You go troll another site you nice little ???? 🌸

    • Popular media sport, smack Tony down every chance you get because once you get a tall poppy hate going in this country nobody cares if the accusations are true or not.

  3. Well Tony, maybe the majority did not like you but we dislike more so the way you were knifed by Turnbullshitter and co. They will get what is comong to them.

    • And he is going to make sure of that Noel..ask yourself..why is this man still going to the Press !!

      • Jan Edwards  

        He is going to the press because he still has something to say and people who want to hear it.

    • I think Noel that Turnbull used the same knife that Abbott use on him not so many years ago So to you it was ok for Abbott short memory

    • Abbott deserved all he got. He’s an arrogant person who doesn’t give a fig about anyone else. He is a back-stabber from way back, but doesn’t like it when it’s done to him. He was the worst PM Australia has ever had, and an embarrassment to our country. Turnbull has to stick to party policies, so has no choice about changing things. But he is a much more personable PM. He does not talk down to everyone like Abbott did. (For the record, I am not a Liberal voter!)

    • One day people are going to realise they live in Australia and not America and that we do not vote for leaders in this country but a party. In our system the party elects its leader.

  4. why didn’t he die then? geez mate don’t promise it 😂😂😂 this another broken promise?

  5. Abbott’s idea of stopping the bloody BOATS was to pay them to turn around, he is delusional if he really thinks he was a good PM, he would have to have been the worst PM ever. The problem with most Politicians these days is all they can see is the POWER, well I’m sorry that simply is not enough. It is their job to lead the Country FORWARD not set it back as he did with his so often BIG MOUTH and thoughtless actions, he was a disgrace.

    • If Rudd and Gillard hadn’t opened the gates he would not have to what you say pay the boats to turn around

    • He is just another one who cares only for himself. ..they get in and get their pension for the rest of their lives. ..we need someone who cares for Australia and it’s people. ..not just themselves. ..sick of paying my taxes for the greedy politicians

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