Tony Abbott gives his expert opinion from a bar stool in a pub

Former prime minister Tony Abbott has stayed relatively quiet throughout the election campaign, choosing to spend most of his time

Former prime minister Tony Abbott has stayed relatively quiet throughout the election campaign, choosing to spend most of his time in his own electorate to retain his position there instead.

Now though, Mr Abbott has hit the road and headed up to Darwin to show is support to Liberal members in the Top End.

All that campaigning is hard work though, so Mr Abbott decided to stop off at a pub in Darwin and share a drink with the locals and talk politics.

Choosing not to hold back, he let fly at Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard and said a Bill Shorten government would be “even worse”.

He also took a swipe at Labor’s decision to ban live cattle exports, saying the fifth anniversary of the ban was “a good chance to remember how bad the former Labor government was”.

“This was one of the most catastrophic decisions of a government, that were the gold medallists in catastrophe,” he told Sky News.

“They were the absolute world champions at stuffing things up.”

But he wasn’t done there, going on to give his honest opinion about Mr Shorten.

“If Bill Shorten were to become prime minister, it would be worse than Gillard and worse than Rudd,” he said.

“It would be those on steroids.”

His comments have unsurprisingly been met with mixed reviews, with some people laughing at his carefree honesty and others saying he should have more respect.

What do you think?

Do you agree with Tony Abbott? Or do you think he has taken it too far?

  1. Tony Abbott was on drug so he should keep very quite an now we have Malcom that hasn’t been able make a decision on anything. bring on labour.

  2. Tony Babboon is an idiot as is his successor Turdballs. He should just shut his hopeless mouth. At least Labor looks out for the battlers

    • maria  

      Are you kidding Anne? Labor is run by the unions. Wake up. Labor stopped being for the battler a long time ago. Take a look at South Australia under labor. Wow there’s a text book disaster. Sold Daws Park repatriation hospital which belonged to our RS. highest cost of living in Australia. Yep let’s vote labor! !! Really?

    • helen Crocker  

      Tony abbott is a wanker no other word for him sour grapes because he got kicked out

  3. Drene Campbell  

    It’s sad,because as far as I’m concerned they are all the same,for the first time in my life I really don’t know who to vote for,because at the end of the day I have to vote for one of these idiots,long live Democracy.

  4. Ken  

    My God, the worst prime minister in history makes a statement, and we are supposed to take notice?

  5. And this is new because ?????????????????????
    Honestly Starts at 60, why would you bother? Makes me wonder really.

  6. brian amos  

    a fool on drink ,is a fool on drink ,what ever come out of that mouth after drink goes in , is taken with a grain of salt , because its the drink giving the mouth dutch courage , and the mouth works before the brain ?????

  7. The Watcher  

    The man is a liar, in drink he thinks he is invincible and nothing will come back to haunt him. The WORST most embarassing PM Australia has had.

  8. deidre  

    Awesome PM….I believe its our loss as a country and community…my view no one else has to agree please no negatives I didnt write any on your comments..

    • Marion Reid  

      Get real!! He doesn’t have a brain in his head…..neither does Turdbull!!!

    • Marion Reid  

      Get real!! He doesn’t have a brain in his head…..neither does Turdbull!!!

  9. Gwen Searle  

    Every time we have a Labor government Australia sinks further into debt. They spend what they don’t have. Then the people expect the Liberals to clean up the mess they left behind. This election is not about personalities, it is about the best party to keep Australia strong economically and socially. Welfare handouts are wonderful, but who is going to pay for them? I am surprised that people on this site don’t seem to realise that if they want the good life in retirement then jobs have to be created and taxes have to be paid and we (who have worked hard all our lives) cannot expect everything for nothing. I couldn’t believe the backlash about paying $5 to go to the doctor for example….then I hear our generation complaining about the state of hospitals and medical services. Since when did our generation begin to think that we are entitled to everything for nothing? Don’t you remember your childhood and how hard your parents worked to keep their heads above water? With no welfare payments. Why do you think you are entitled to more than what they had? It is not about us but about our grandchildren living and working in a free and safe country.

    • Shirley Hick  

      Well written,so, so true.

    • Neta Williams  

      Gwen I worked hard and paid my taxes the same as my parents. I did hard sometimes. My pension is an entitlement to me as that is what we worked so hard for. I do not consider my entitled pension to be welfare as I worked hard and paid my taxes. It is the younger generations who are too lazy to get a job who you should be aiming these comments at.


      You obviously havent voted anything else but LNP your whole life ,……..the people we have sent to war needs to go to doctors,….our pensioners need to too ,……… i have got enough myself but i feel for those who havent ,….so lets just give the corporate giants a tax break and let the underprivileged pay for it ,……..think befor you vote Gwen ,……

    • Gavin Rayner  

      Nice to hear a sensible and accurate reply to what happens to this Country when Labor are in power.

    • Jane Norris  

      So how come the National debt has tripled under the current Liberal government? Wake up and open your eyes. Labor kept us out of the mess the rest of the world suffered during the GFC.

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