This little girl’s photos were exploited online, but is her mother to blame?

When media personality Roxy Jacenko created an Instagram account for her four-year-old daughter Pixie, she never imagined what would happen

When media personality Roxy Jacenko created an Instagram account for her four-year-old daughter Pixie, she never imagined what would happen next.

Disturbingly, Pixie’s photos were digitally altered to place her in “explicit situations”. Her mother Roxy reported these indecent images to police, saying “it’s sick, it’s utter pedophilia”.

Roxy blames three people, who she knows through the fashion industry, for creating these lewd images. One image places Pixie’s head on a prostitute’s body, whilst another appears to show her reading a pornographic book.

“To superimpose a child into a sexual position you have to be f—ed in the head”, Roxy Jacenko said. “It’s very sick”.

However, Roxy has been criticised for initially posting over 2,700 photos of her daughter publicly online. Pixie also has a dedicated website, which sells children’s fashion accessories.

The four-year-old has over 100,000 followers on Instagram, and the photos are managed by her mother. Some pictures show Pixie swimming and sleeping.

Roxy says she will “assess” her daughter’s online profile, but will not delete the Instagram account because “it’s big business”.

“Any picture that is on social media is depicted in a child-like way”, Roxy said. “I don’t want to impact her business because of these three creeps”.

However, some members of the public have said that as a mother, Roxy herself is to blame. As one Facebook user wrote, “she is using her daughter for attention”.

“The things some mothers will do for exposure. These are the facts. Do not use the excuse that your family want to be able to see photos of your child. Send them in a (private message). The word narcissism comes to mind!”

Whilst another Facebook user added, “Its simple. Don’t put photos of your kids on the internet. You lose control!”

Is Roxy Jacenko to blame for the misuse of her daughter’s image? Should we post photos of our children and grandchildren online, for the public to see?

  1. then change your settings to family only.. posting to the world invites all sorts of unsavoury characters… simply really

  2. The moral of the story is don’t post 2700 pictures of your daughter online to make money if you don’t want those photos to be used or viewed by pedos! Stupid woman! Yes there are a lot of sick people out there, you didn’t know that before you put all those photos up?

  3. 2,700 pics of the girl posted online. This is hardly the standard posting of a few family pics on FB. Pixie has been “put out there” by her mother as a “celebrity”. Doesn’t excuse the use made of her photos but I think the mother was a tad unwise to expose her daughter in this way.

  4. Anything that goes on the internet is basically public domain. They ‘hack’ into the most secure sites in the world. The penalties for anyone who misuses or abuses material should be much harsher. Photos are much safer if just sent to family and close friends only.

  5. This woman and her husband have made a business out of their daughter. The child has become a commercial commodity. Part of making money out of the public arena is distasteful attention from unpleasant people. That both parents chose to put thier toddler in this position in order to make money (for her of course, as they say) places the burden squarely on the shoulders of both parents. This from a mother and a father who are already high profile and wealthy enough that they have no ‘need’ to put thier baby through this. So to sum up, BOTH parents are to blame, not just the mother as your headline suggests.

  6. Angie B  

    I am disgusted at what these people have done, but it is a shame that she is using her child as a business.

  7. The women is stupid she is exploiting her daughter by posting photos of her daughter for financial gain. Some parents are just dumb

  8. This child is 4 years old. How can it be “her” business? It is the parents responsibility, therefore they should not complain when unsavoury pedos and the like do what they want with them. The answer is simple. Do not post photos of your child.

  9. Not wise to be posting pics of your kids and grandchildren on social media. Just asking for trouble and the consequences could be quite dire for all concerned. Commonsense should prevail. ..oops, an oxymoron.

  10. Sent your precious photos of your children pm if you want to be really secure

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