This is what Stephen Fry has to say about going to war with ISIS… and people aren’t happy

British comedian Stephen Fry has come out with guns blazing about the historic decision by his government to go to

British comedian Stephen Fry has come out with guns blazing about the historic decision by his government to go to war with Islamic State in Syria.

The QI frontman shared this satirical post by HuffPost Comedy on Twitter and was widely criticised for it by commenters.

He also had these words of advice for the British government ahead of the MP vote on whether to expand their involvement in the war in Syria.

While many supported Fry’s position, others were in complete opposition. One write, “I’m sure you would have tried to negotiate with the Nazis Stephen. Not too bright really.”

Hours later, after fielding as many comments as he could, Fry posted this in exasperation:

After a ten hour debate, British MPs overwhelmingly voted by 397 to 223 to authorise UK air strikes against so-called Islamic State in Syria.

What do you think of Stephen Fry’s stance on the conflict – will more bombs just create more problems? 

    • Please this man has an IQ bigger than TEXAS lol seriously dropping bombs killing woman old men and innocent children serves no purpose its iraq all over again when are MEN going to learn

    • Lack of mentality Kat? And you are judging him? Most of us can only dream of having a mental capacity such as his.

    • thank God I dont think the same as you people, its right on our door step too but no one seems to care, ask the victims families from this mornings killings in California if they agree with you people.

    • Kat, what does the San Bernadino shooting have to do with Stephen Fry’s comments? There are thousands of people killed by gun crime in USA every year. This is business as usual for them. I agree, small comfort for those murdered and their loved ones, but business as usual nonetheless.

    • Helen Miles  

      I have a feeling Kat may not have read this in full….HE IS AGAINST BOMBING as he should be. Didn’t like him before, changing my opinion.

  1. Why would he, with an IQ twice that of some, not have the right to an opinion? Some people can’t even spell their idiotic opinions for god’s sake!

  2. Why woukd we listen to him more than anyone else .

    • Rob Mcgrath well plenty of people are saying the same as he is so I assume they are also intelligent. Amazes me hiw people get sucked in by celebrity. .

    • Yes, if people agree with him they are probably also smarter than the average, but when the average IQ is 100, that’s not too hard.

      People do get sucked in by celebrity. They passionately adore people they don’t know except by a carefully manufactured public profile.

      Me, I prefer ideas to celebrity.

    • Lee Horrocks me too in principal . I only asked why is his opinion worth more than other people’s . There are masses of people who agree .

  3. He is a man that’s in a position to share his opinion, I’m sure many would agree with him and there are those that don’t.

  4. Having a high IQ and an ability to analyse is a definite reason to not be allowed to express an opinion – all those daft people are going to be made to look stupid!

  5. I think Stephen Fry should be in power. I think he is such an intelligent man. Of course dropping more bombs will create more worldwide havock perhaps another world war. Thats the way it seems to be heading. Sadly.

  6. My suggested rules for starting war:
    – understand the situation being attacked.
    – identify the enemy.
    – have a clear definition of what constitutes a successful action.
    – have a clear definition of what constitutes failure.
    – have a clear method of withdrawal.
    One of my personal rules in life is to define the problem before deciding on a solution.
    I’m sure I can come up with more, particularly as I have 20/20 hindsight.
    How does the UK decision score?

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