This country is getting rid of ALL welfare in exchange for this

Here’s an idea to chew over: what if there was no such this as welfare payments; but every single citizen

Here’s an idea to chew over: what if there was no such this as welfare payments; but every single citizen got a regular handout from the government to spend however they wanted.

That’s exactly what Finland is doing. The Northern European nation is getting closer to finalising a plan the government believes is the cure for poverty.

Each of Finland’s 5.4 million people will receive 550 euros per month, the equivalent of $876, tax-free and, in return, the government will get rid of welfare benefits such as unemployment, age pension, parental support and so on.

They concept is called “basic income”, Mashable reports, and economists around the world have debated the merits of this system over confusing, complex social support systems.

Finland will be the first country to apply this theory.

Finland’s economy is struggling, having been in recession for three years, and with 10 per cent unemployment.

Critics have pointed out that the universal basic income would cost the equivalent of nearly the entirety of Finland’s revenue, and then some, which could mean higher taxes down the line for the nation’s already struggling households.

It’s a curious scheme and we’re not sure it’s one that would work here in Australia. The risk is that it would encourage more laziness and prevent people from being proactive about finding employment – the complete opposite to the current Treasurer’s plan.

Critics of the scheme in Switzerland also said it would encourage more immigration, legal or otherwise.


What do you think of this scheme? Could it work here in Australia? What benefits and disadvantages do you see in the plan?

  1. 876 per month aged pensioners would be starving at this rate they now get that every fortnight here in australia

  2. They would have a revolt on their hands, every pensioner in the country would on Turnbull’s doorstep, frying pans and brooms in hand ready to take him on, he might be rich but he would not out run us

  3. What a complete stupid idea. Finland has 10% or so unemployment. Now tell me the incentive to find a job. Eu550 is not much, but enough to get by.

    • I think the idea is stupid, but why would they be starving or begging when all receive 550 euros per month? Did you read beyond the headline?

    • Yep..did you ? Each of Finland’s 5.4 million people will receive 550 euros per month, the equivalent of $876, tax-free, that is about the amount Australian Pensioner get per fortnight.. and yep they would be starving.. that is half the money per month

    • Leanna Stephenson I agree the idea is stupid, but before you presume starvation you need to look at the Finnish cost of living. Comparisons with us are irrelevant; I have no idea what it is in Finland.

  4. Personally I don’t believe it could work anywhere, and if they tried to introduce it here I think our Politicians would get more than they bargain for.

  5. Tried discussing this idea sensibly with a conservative? Don’t bother. They’re either too stupid or too greedy to even listen.

    • It would be difficult to discuss this ridiculous proposal sensibly with anyone regardless of their politics. Have you actually read the details?

      • Rachel  

        Have I read this right!! EACH of Finlands 5.4 million people will receive €550 per month. Does this mean EVERY family member irrespective of age and if working will receive this? That’s the way I read it. Not means tested. The rich will only get richer, prices will go up, and the poor won’t be any better off. A population explosion – more kids more euros per month. Madness

    • Probably would bankrupt them because they are not a sovereign fiat currency issuing country … would more likely work in a country like Australia though …

    • Chris Murray How can you use sovereign and fiat in the same breath.
      Fiat money is fake, money created out of thin air, money system that is about to collapse in all western countries.
      Under true sovereignty and our true Constitution 1901, our money would be created with gold/silver and resource backing, printed by the GOVERNMENT on OUR behalf, with NO interest and used for public works and building and maintenance of infrastructure(hospital, schools, state housing, utilities, roads, railways etc). and the wages of those employed building these. Like they did prior to 1960, and NOT controlled and printed by the filthy dirty, vile greedy central world banks,
      The onset of this fiat money has kept the world in massive debt to the vile banksters.
      Most countries are bankrupt but they keep printing more and more money to prop things up.
      The mega crash is near. Be prepared.

  6. Vote them out, they are just more ridiculos by the day

    • Speaking of ridiculous, did you actually read the article? Tell us, how do we in Oz vote out the Finnish government?

    • I don’t trust this Government at ll and nothing would suprise me with them, I can see them trying to bring that in here.. just get rid of them

  7. Payments would have to AT LEAST EQUAL the pension rate, and they MUST be indexed to wages, NOT the CPI. And it would also foil this filthy plan to decide how and on what welfare recips can spend. So basically, no. It won’t happen.

  8. How can we apply the ‘everyone’ is born equal crap . This is Orwellian. See how the entitled think.

  9. Cant see it working. No incentive for the lazy to work. What about the unemployed with large families? Also does that amount provide enough for a reasonable standard of living?

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